it is MAY! hooRAY! the most glorious month of the year. and not just because it is my birthday month and i officially have the freedom to eat as many breakfast sandwiches as possible. my goodness, i just went for a walk around the upper west side and it is beautiful, the perfect may weather. i just want to pick flowers and roll around in the grass about it. but i have a concert tonight and i can't get my clothes dirty, so i'm just going to make a list about it.

things that may is perrrrfect for:

-turning 24 years old!

-turning 24 years old at home! with my family!

-going to hong kong and stuffing my face with dumplings and illegal strawberry daiquiris in a cocoa covered glass.

-surprise picnics with basil and salted watermelon.

-colorful dresses of many different lengths.

-popsicles, ice cream trucks, iced coffee... JIMMIES!

-sunglasses, sun hats, spf a thousand sun screen.

-running my first official 5k, with mum.

-getting off the subway a few stops early to stroll around.

-yoga on the hudson.

-possibly a hike??