more and more days are iced coffee days.

i've been bad about flossing.

my favorite little nighttime ritual (before i turn on game of thrones) is spending a few minutes on pinterest.

despite finding a zillion yummy recipes on pinterest, i've been managing to enjoy the same thing over and over: sweet potatoes, turkey bacon, and onions, cooked in a pan with olive oil, salt, and pepper.

i've been super happy about caroline shaw winning the pulitzer. partita is amazing, she is amazing, and this article is adorable.

eggboy and i bond over how we both squeeze the toothpaste tube from wherever we damn well please.

the updates from the l.a. phil's brooklyn festival have been great, specifically this one. if you live in l.a., you should absolutely check out the remaining performances, especially nico/sufjan/bryce's planetarium

i've been loving the entries to my theme song contest! keep them coming!!

i've been preparing for my genghis barbie debut, in which, i will be dumpling barbie and lay down a phat drum beat.