you know how on thanksgiving you have your special eating pants that stretch real nice to allow for maximum turkey consumption but even then sometimes you eat too much because the food is just too good and you really wanted more stuffing so you had more stuffing and in the end you're like crap i didn't leave room for dessert? and you know how on hanukkah a similar thing happens where you wear your special eating pants but latkes are just the best and you can't help yourself from eating 12? and you know how you have to now combine the two holidays this year and somehow take advantage of both latkes and turkey on the same day? annnnnd eat dessert? yeah, we're all fucked.

but i have a possible solution! dollhouse-sized versions of everything. starting with the sufganiyot. 

my recipe is over on the jew and the carrot. it was a fun one to put together and it reminded me of all those little cartons of dunkin donuts munchkins that were the sign of a true fourth grade party. these donuts have soft fluffy innards and a sturdy, sugary shell. they're really satisfying to bite into. and do they kinda look like boobies?