6 THINGS YOU SHOULD DO THIS WEEKEND (and a giveaway winner!)

i have this asshole of a to-do list sitting on my desk. it is hilariously long and my only hope is that i can grace through it without stress eating nachos or something of the equivalent. jk already did that yesterday. as excited as i am to have these deadlines, it's still a long freaking list. so i'm just going to make an alternative one because that's fun and it's a good way to procrastinate and maybe you'll get some ideas of what to do this weekend:  

have fun with rubber stamps! one time, mum and i cleared out the entire sale bin of the michael's rubber stamp department. it was a really strong decision. they are the perfect things for homemade greeting cards, especially when using a computer printer boggles your mind and even more especially when you want that rustic homemade loving vibe. you can get away with more misspelled words that way.

launder your bath mat. for the longest time i thought i smelled bad whenever i was in the bathroom... even on days when i showered. and then i realized it was because i hadn't washed my bath mat since i got it three months ago. (all together now... "ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!") 

introduce yourself! sometimes on instagram or twitter or pinterest or in comments here i see the same names over and over and then i get lost on the internet trying to comment back or follow back. i do way better with email (or the contact form at the left), so if you're not too sheepish, drop me a line and say hello and tell me your favorite dinosaur. or cake flavor, either one.

climb a tree. i bet a lot of good climbing trees got lonely when the internet came out. i remember my pre-internet tree-climbing days. they were fun. if it weren't so icy and cold out, i'd totally try this soon. (ooh, and if you're climbing a crab apple tree (because those are the best trees to climb) you should definitely bring back some apples to candy, a la imen!) 

become acquainted with the mulberry. have you ever had a mulberry?  i've never had a mulberry. i always just thought they were a leather handbag. 

listen to new tunesi have been so satisfied with some music that's come out recently. i regularly sing along to lucius' new album, lily & madeleine make me want to watch the sun rise every morning, death cab's new release brings me back to eighth grade in a good way, the new arcade fire is one you should know if only for conversational purposes, and the son lux. the son lux. just listen to "lost it to trying" and hold your mind together because it will blow your mind. also, get your hands on the new genghis barbie album! (and not just because it includes my snare drum recording debut as dumpling barbie.)

 ...ok is that six things? alright cool. let's pick a giveaway winner... ms. katie kellycongratulations! send me your info, lady! her absurd pastry was the snicoissoodle... a snickerdoodle flavored croissaint. sweet pete, get me one of those!

have a looooovely weekend everyone!!!