do you hear that? it's the sound of all of the sugar beets being out of the ground!!!!!!!! and the sound of eggboy and me being able to eat dinner together again!!!!! and talk about grammatical devices for as long as we please again!!!! and do dishes together again!!! and maybe (just maybe) go on some little road trips and eat cute breakfasts and watch christmas movies!!!!!!

oyoyoy. what an exhausting experience. i've never seen someone work so many hours. i'm placing bets with myself on how many hours he is going to sleep tonight. i think it's going to be 150, it could also be 200. 

apparently this year was extra difficult because there was so much rain. on some days the fields were so muddy that the trucks had to be pulled by tractors. and i think in most other years, harvest would have been finished by now.

i'm so glad though that i was able to make it out for a day of harvesting. i rode in the lifter as the beets were wiggled out of the ground, carried up by a chain, and then plopped into a truck that was going right along side it. i watched as egg shoveled dirt out of the crevasses, adjusted the gps system, gave fancy hand signals to the truck drivers, and fixed things when they broke.

a rugged man he is. 

a rugged man who needs a bath and a nail brush and a steak.

if he wasn't so against eating sugar, i'd make him a cake. perhaps some celebratory almond butter will do.

off i go!