for the first 20 years of my solid food life, my thoughts on brussels sprouts were exclusively informed by cloudy with a chance of meatballs. i'd run from them, i'd spit them out, i'd talk smack about them without even checking my phone to make sure i hadn't butt dialed them. 

the recipe that changed this is my mum's recipe that we make every thanksgiving. the brussels sprouts are roasted and then tossed in a yummy mustardy vinaigrette. (i did a guest post with the recipe on ashlee's blog last year.) these opened the door for some very fantastic sprouty experiences: the cheesy ones at parm, the mustardy ones at buttermilk channel, roasted ones in sesame sauce... i think brussels sprout season might be my favorite season.

anywho, i made a little brussels sprout fried rice yesterday for lunch. i shredded some sprouts, stuck them in a pan to brown, and then scooted them to the side of the pan to make way for the egg. i cracked the egg in, and at first i was stressed because the whites oozed into the sprouts, but then i thought well if all of those sprouts stuck together, that could make a fun little pancake thing.

and then it struck me that i had no choice but to immediately make a brussels sprout latke! the perfect thanksgivukkah treat.

i dug up my favorite latke recipe, the ex-boyfriend latke, made a few adjustments, and cranked out some absurdly amazing latkes. then i made a variation on mum's mustard vinaigrette and mixed it into some sour cream. ooooh baby!

i want to eat the entire batch right now but i also don't want to get all bloaty in case i decide at the last minute to dress as a slutty marilyn hagerty for halloween. (just kidding i'm not actually considering that. but you should.)

 brussels sprout latkes with balsamic dijon sour cream

makes 10-12 latkes 


4 c shredded brussels sprouts*

1 medium onion, chopped

kosher salt and pepper to taste (i use about 4 big pinches of salt and a couple good cracks of pepper) 

the juice from 1/2 a lemon

4 egg whites 

1/2 c all-purpose flour or chickpea flour**

oil, for frying (i use canola) 

*you can find brussels sprouts in the store pre-shredded. i measured out one 9 oz bag to be 4 cups, even though the nutrition facts state otherwise. perhaps i simply didn't pack them as tightly in the measuring cup... i just sorta tossed them in...

**thank you to awesome reader courtney for testing this out with chickpea flour for a gluten free option! she also added bacon. hell yeah. 

 sour cream ingredients

1 c sour cream

2 tb dijon mustard

2 tb honey

4 tsp balsamic vinegar


if you've bought your sprouts pre-shredded, comb through them and chop up any big chunks because those could cause the latkes to fall apart.

in a large bowl, combine the sprouts, onion, salt, and pepper. stir in the lemon juice and egg whites, and then stir in the flour.

heat 1/4 inch of oil in a pan over medium heat. using an ice cream scoop or a large spoon, place dollops of the mixture in the oil. gently flatten them with a spatula. fry until golden brown on each side.

for the balsamic dijon sour cream, simply combine all ingredients (and place in a cute ramekin).  

enjoy for thanksgivukkah!


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