string beans // they're the best for when i feel like a vegetable but am too lazy to chop anything. i put them in a pan, forget about them for a little, and then smother them in sesame sauce.

siggi's skyr (double points for two s's) // it's officially the only yogurt i'll buy. it has just a few, all-natural ingredients, and it's sweetened with a bit of agave. also, i wrote a love letter to the company and they sent me a bunch of coupons. teehee. 

squash // there have been a shit ton of squash recipes on the internet lately and i want to eat them all. even if i turn orange. #oitnb. here's a roundup: squash donuts, green curry spaghetti squash, squash noodle soup with swiss chard, stuffed pumpkin, squash galette, spaghetti squash cakesthere was also a pretty lookin stuffed acorn squash a few days ago that i just spent 20 minutes trying to find, but i  guess i lost it. oops.

sweaters // i keep one in every room because you just never know.

snare drumming // i started keeping my drum pad at my desk. it's good for burning off energy when i have too much for sitting still and not energy for getting up to bake.

socializing with my penguin // ok now i'm just fishing for s-words, but mumbles has kept good company when eggboy is out in the fields.

happy weekend!!!