it appears that people do not really brunch here. and they especially do not brunch during harvest. people are invited over for lunch on sundays... after they have had breakfast... and i think that is just weird. amiright that the first meal on a sunday, regardless if it is at 9am or 3pm, is brunch? or am i being far too influenced by my former roommate patrick who has a signed frances ha poster and sunday brunches religiously with a hangover and any one of his 3,000 besties?

when else does one eat pancakes? 

i may be wrong about this. maybe the whole town is having brunch without me? there's no bagel place in town though... and eggboy always engages in lunch on sunday as if its ingrained by his culture... so i think i am on to something... but i do hope to be proven wrong.

the point is: this was a very special weekend! 1. it rained alllll the livelong day (which means no harvesting!)  2. eggboysister came to town with her special manfriend!

so i made brunch and i set the table as such and we ate at noon and there was no question about it: it was not breakfast, it was not lunch. it had eggs and potatoes and buns. it was brunch. 

i was quite proud. and i was equally as proud of my little cardamom buns. i used this recipe from london eats and was inspired by call me cupcake for the fun twisty shape and photo. the recipe is a great one... although i'm not so sure i am convinced by cardamom. the only other time in my life that i've had cardamom was on top of a mountain in norway in the late nineties and i think something about that fond memory made me want to try something with cardamom. and maybe i've got bad cardamom, but am i wrong to say that it has the aftertaste of a bar of soap? cardamom lovers, please advise.

after brunch, egg and i finished the first season of house of cards and now i don't know what to do with myself when i feel like procrastinating doing to dishes... so i think i'm going to go cook something about it. bye!