pastries have the potential to be handsome. like really really handsome. muffins? they're a hearty kind of handsome. the kind that give good hugs. donuts? a sweet and fun-loving handsome that will cheer you up if you're blue. pie? hipster handsome. glasses, a bicycle, etc. they encourage your creative side.

as such it is really important that you dress to impress when in the kitchen, whether or not there are other humans around. you never know when a cookie will be like "oh baby i want you so much, let me get in your mouth." 

you wouldn't know it from all of the mustard stains on my clothes, but i do have a pretty killer apron collection and i'm not afraid to flaunt it in the name of a hot pastry. i have an anthropologie one that my aunt cathy gifted me, i have my israeli one that i got for cooking for a bunch of israeli soldiers... and now i have my newest one, a cute flowery little thing courtesy of the vintage-style online shop shabby apple.

i like that it's covered in flowers because that means the stains won't be as obvious and i can be lazy about putting it through the laundry. it also has a really really reeeeally cute lip gloss pocket.

and guess what? you could have one too! and you don't have to have this exact one-- the winner can choose any shabby apple apron. to enter this giveaway, leave a comment with the most absurd pastry that you can think of, and then shabby apple would also like you to follow them on facebook and instagram. (extra entries if you follow me on any of the social media networks, too!) 

i'll pick a winner at random next week! 


p.s. yes, those are pumpkin sufganiyot on the left. and yes, those are bakewell bars on the right. recipes for both are coming soon!