some time ago, at a party (this party in fact), i saw eggboy for the first time in years. it was before he became my super special manfriend and after we had spent some years in school together. i noticed he had a tattoo that he didn't have when we were students.  

i said: what's that? 

he said: it's a sugar beet. 

i said: what's that? 

he said: oh, my family farms them. they're big white root vegetables that turn into sugar.

i said: oh cool! ok, well, um, welcome back to the city! see ya! 

(he's a very shy boy. and the performance was starting... so... that was the end of that for a few months.) 

it was the first time i had ever heard of sugar beet and now my life is indirectly controlled by them. for this entire past month, when the weather is good for harvesting, i see eggboy basically never and i get a shit ton of work done. when the weather is rainy or too hot or too cold, i see eggboy a ton and we snuggle and eat eggs together and it's great. 

still, i think most of my friends believe that a sugar beet is a fictional object and i haven't actually moved to a sugar beet farm in the midwest. rather, i am hiding out somewhere and eating cake all day. actually, i guess that's kind of true too.

so to prove to all of you that sugar beets are real i present an article in modern farmer featuring an interview that i did with eggboy! i am very very very excited about it. as much as his vintage 1940s eyeglasses will argue, egg is totally a modern farmer.

oh! and i almost forgot, it includes a recipe for sugar beet latkes!