i live in brooklyn now

{a brooklyn pie, a brooklyn biscuit, a perfect brooklyn breakfast}

in the middle of my summer travels i, for a quick second, returned to the city slightly homeless and determined to find the perfect little dwelling in my favorite outer borough. i didn't. i found the perfect large dwelling {!!} and it only took two emotional breakdowns and one box of frozen ikea rösti.

glorious is an understatement. i want to puke in excitement. it's the perfect venue for tea parties and brunch parties and dare i say it midnight dinners.

everything is a short bike ride away. my kitchen has enough counter space to make five pies at once. i'm even thinking about joining a food co-op!!

what do we think when we sign leases on tiny upper side closets?

and i can't wait to make this finally happen.


for just one second

i would like to fist pump, eat graham crackers and have nap time whenever i want, fart, pick my nose, spend ungodly amounts of money, go to bed without brushing my teeth, eat gummy bears, nacho cheese, and twelve boxes of eggos, watch rom coms, become crunchy, say the f word on the internet a lot, bite my nails, get "oh em jazzle" tattooed on my forehead, get caught listening to britney spears, not do laundry ever, and have bad breath without any consequences. k thanks bye.

there will be one day

when sundays begin at sunrise with a bike ride to the market for tomatoes and eggs and perhaps some berries. i will stop on the way home to pick wildflowers and pet the neighborhood dogs, but not for long because the breakfast cake must go in the oven! the espresso will brew and the eggs will poach and i'll dance to the punch brothers and iron and wine in my big fat sunny brooklyn kitchen. 
when my people arrive, we'll sit for hours and discuss time and meaning and sentiment. we'll stuff ourselves silly and laugh till we pee. we might even take a stroll or sit in the grass.


one day my little herb pots will morph into a balcony greenhouse,
which then might become a rooftop garden.
i'll have little cherry tomatoes and perhaps a carrot...
maybe some kale, which i'd make into chips.
after that i think i'll acquire a farm with a cow.
my farm will make potatos and my cow will produce
the best ricotta in all the land. it will be a perfect farm
for ricotta gnocchi. if the cow allows, i'll build a mustard
yellow chicken coup and fill it with chickens that all have names
that begin with "n." nina, nathan, nora, nabulung.
all of my farm friends will come over for dinner every night,
and we'll have a feast of everything that was picked that day.
it will be so tasty!