MY NAME IS _____


last summer my dad and i went to la jolla and during that time i saw gabriel kahane perform and it was the first time i had heard his music and i love love lurvvvedd it. and then later by the pool he and i discussed dumplings over steak and though i really can't support his vanessa's habit, i still think he is mondo cool and his music is sooo pretty. i listened to his album where are the arms all throughout last year's sweater weather and it became this sort of grown-up sufjan situation because every autumn during high school i listened to sufjan's illinois on repeat as a rite of something, a rite of fall? anyway, even though i really hate comparing people's music to other people's music for fear that people will disagree or kvetch or get offended or whatever, i am going to go ahead and say that if you don't know gabe's music and you like sufjan (or, heck, if you simply are into beautiful tunes and poetic lyrics that burst with nostalgia), you will like gabe and you should check him out. 

here are his things to see, hear, eat, and not do:

see: everyone should go hear american soundscapes on thursday at zankel where they are doing andrew norman's try which is just the best thing, and then come back on saturday to carnegie to hear my piece gabriel's guide to the 48 states with genius orpheus chamber orchestra and witness all the things i stole from andrew. 

hear: i am so late to this party, but everyone should really listen to j dilla's DONUTS.

eat: okay i made up this very straightforward pasta water/emulsion situation: guanciale, brussels sprout leaves, shallot, chilies, pecorino. you know the drill!

don't: don't accidentally wear the t-shirt for your own musical to someone else's theater opening.



gabriel: josh goleman




MY NAME IS _____


today i am featuring siobhan wallace, one half of the blondie brownie team, because i have been a fan of that blog for years now and also because their book just came out! i met blondie and brownie in person at the vendys a few years ago... i served them schnitzel and when i saw their name tags i jumped up and down and professed my love. their book is super great and informative and it makes me imagine that some time in the future there will be a college class on new york food and this will be the textbook. 

here are siobhan's things to hear, see, eat, and not do:

hear // i recently re-fell in love with the dø's album, both ways open jaws, and desperately want them to come back to new york for some concerts.

see // everybody should come to our book events: dumbo's powerhouse arena tomorrow (tuesday, april 16) and at bookcourt on saturday the 27! delicious food at both!!

eat // i am still waiting to get to nomad to have that beautiful thing known as the foie gras-stuffed roast chicken! 

don't // do not rub your eyes after eating old bay fries. 



siobhan: donny tsang


both ways open jaws


MY NAME IS ______


in high school, when i first heard the name and music of

nico muhly

 i immediately hatched the ultimate plan to go to school in new york, find him, and marry him, so that i may be called

molly muhly

. i could have an awesome alliterate name and

it's about time

would have been my jam all day every day. short story shorter it didn't happen, yet i did break my squid-eating virginity with him just the other day. {and

it's about time

was the opening of my senior recital.}

in many ways i am inspired by nico: not just by his music, but also by his use of language in his blog and 


feed and real life. it's original and gets the point across. he also has bulk amounts of


energy. so it's for these reasons that i've made him the first subject of the

manhattanites in march

subsection of the

my name is _____



// ev

erybody has to buy

nadia sirota

's album


 which i have some pieces on and which is a very beautiful thing.


// i 

am wildly looking forward to


at BAM

[this week!].

 we're also doing it in l.a. as part of a

"brooklyn festival"

and i feel like an impostor because i've been to l.a. more times than i've been to brooklyn.


// i

just made a huge pile of ravioli. i'm a lazy shit so i bought sheets of fresh pasta from


on grand street but made the filling out of ricotta, lemon zest, broccoli rabe, and a mash't potato.


// d

on't iron your hair in the dark or you will end up with a fucked up harry potter scar.



nico: matthew murphy




hair ironing

MY NAME IS ______


daniel delaney

was recently named the

king of brisket

, which isn't to say that you should take his word on the

minetta tavern black label burger

 because i disagree and i told him this and he still made me put in writing that it is "mediocre." although now that i think of it maybe i should reinvestigate this claim because when a king of meat gives you an opinion on meat, it probably shouldn't be taken too lightly. 

regardless: he's a boy from new jersey who knows his way around texas-y brisket. and as a girl from illinois who claims she knows about post-minimalism, i'm into it. 


links + credits:

pizza brain

dr. john: bruce weber

willie mae's