bruschetta, prematurely

are you pretentious or informed if you pronounce bruschetta broosketta?

i am shaking in my little space booties waiting for tomato season to get here. i can't wait. i can't i can't. tomatoes are the best and most of my best friends hate tomatoes so that means more for me! teehee. i associate being home and sitting by my pool with a tomato and mozzarella and basil sandwich. so even though the pool is not yet ready and the tomatoes are not yet ripe, my impatience got the best of me and i made broosketta. i tossed some baby tomatoes in a butt-ton of garlic, olive oil, salt, and herbies, roasted them, added basil from the garden, and then shoveled them into my mouth anxiously with the rosemary bread that mum had just baked. hopefully this will hold me over.

an ode to the fried green tomatoes at sel de mer

it is like a donut got knocked up by a tomato and then was breaded for the enjoyment of me and everyone else who makes it past the bedford l stop. i'm actually really embarrassed by this photo because of the lighting and shadows and stuff... i was just so taken by the beauty of the scene that i didn't have time to adjust: it was a quiet sunny sunday morning in williamsburg, i was on my way to see stoop but she was not yet ready to party boozey brunch style, and so, with my favorite tattoo-ed man, we had a sit in the back of the tiny and quaint sel de mer and as an afterthought i convinced him to order the fried green tomatoes. i envisioned the only other fried green tomatoes that i had ever had, the ones at dinosaur bbq circa 2007 with brian flescher, and was immediately figuratively spanked for doing that. 

these fried green tomatoes were unlike anything my wildest dreams could have imagined. they are the greatest things in the world and if i were on death row not in texas, these would be the appetizer for my last meal. i am actually tempted to remove all mentions of sel de mer in this post so that you won't go there and eat them all up. i want it to be my secret. i want all of the fried green tomato donuts for myself and i want to become donut queen so that i can treat this tomato donut as my favorite child. 

people, it is so extremely good.

someone make a tumblr about it.


more homemade than this and there'd be a cow in my kitchen

this was produced in my home science lab yesterday.
it's ricotta!!
and alls it took was some milk and a lemon
and way more patience than my comfort zone could handle.
if ever you're looking for some good old-fashioned g-rated excitement, try pouring lemon juice into milk that has heated to 180 degrees and then watch the curds and whey separate. 
it is so cool i don't know why anyone would need cable television when they could watch curds and whey separate. 
 today i mixed the ricotta with an egg and some herbies and young broccoli leaves and encased it in whole wheat pasta dough to make humungo ravioli friends. i then introduced them to some tomato friends. and together they made the best dinner ever. 
take that, teensy kitchen!