sunday funday

lately, when i haven't been sleeping or washing my hair or at work, i've been rehearsing for dog days or in traffic on the way to or from rehearsing for dog days. even though i'm pretty much in love with that opera {seriously, you guys, see it}, the rehearsal hours are not conducive to checking off the brooklyn-based tasks on my fun-genda, which has tripled in size since i moved here. 

so when today's rehearsal became an unrehearsal, or, a day off, mr. nfh and i immediately took to the road on our bikes {and my new bike seat! which cost the equivalent of two black label burgers but whatever} and ate brunch*, and then brunch again**, and then lunch***, and then kind of lunch again****. we made pumpkin risotto omgomgomgomgomg pumpkin season omg risotto season, and stopped at mast brothers for a little chocolate tasting. 

it was the best! we even tried on hats.


*bergen bagels has become my favorite for sunday salmon.
**because you should always judge a pancake by its title: parish hall's johnny cakes
***similarly, because you should always judge a sandwich by its title: saltie's scuttlebutt
****an emergency how-are-we-gonna-bike-up-this-hill granola bar?


there were so many opportunities for the waitstaff at zenkichi to make me feel like a bimbo. like, when i put my limited japanese vocabulary to use {i can say hello and thank you and small lonely object}, and when i asked to substitute the mushroom thing on the vegetarian omakase for a chicken thing. i would have made me feel like a bimbo. but instead, the waitpeople were outstandingly accommodating and lovely and every one of my midwestern-twanged arigatos got an excited don'ttouchmymustache in response. 
i was in love even before i got the house made tofu and super sweet yummy sake. 
and potato mochi donuts. that came with just enough spicy mayo.
and the most classy onigiri i ever had.
and...frozen black sesame mousse!!!!! it was so good it deserved italics.
 this meal was such a delight.
i mean, just look at how delighted i look.
and then when you factor in the private little coops that are equipped with little bells that ring the waitress, 
the possibilities to use the garnish to give yourself bunny ears without being embarrassed in front of strangers are endless.
this is the kind of place i'd want to have my birthday party at.

zenkichi is in williamsburg on north 6th and wythe. 

an ode to the fried green tomatoes at sel de mer

it is like a donut got knocked up by a tomato and then was breaded for the enjoyment of me and everyone else who makes it past the bedford l stop. i'm actually really embarrassed by this photo because of the lighting and shadows and stuff... i was just so taken by the beauty of the scene that i didn't have time to adjust: it was a quiet sunny sunday morning in williamsburg, i was on my way to see stoop but she was not yet ready to party boozey brunch style, and so, with my favorite tattoo-ed man, we had a sit in the back of the tiny and quaint sel de mer and as an afterthought i convinced him to order the fried green tomatoes. i envisioned the only other fried green tomatoes that i had ever had, the ones at dinosaur bbq circa 2007 with brian flescher, and was immediately figuratively spanked for doing that. 

these fried green tomatoes were unlike anything my wildest dreams could have imagined. they are the greatest things in the world and if i were on death row not in texas, these would be the appetizer for my last meal. i am actually tempted to remove all mentions of sel de mer in this post so that you won't go there and eat them all up. i want it to be my secret. i want all of the fried green tomato donuts for myself and i want to become donut queen so that i can treat this tomato donut as my favorite child. 

people, it is so extremely good.

someone make a tumblr about it.


two stoops on a stoop

you will not get a real answer if you ask us why we're called stoop. instead you will get a set of guidelines for calling us stoop...long story short, you can't. no offense, it's just that when there are two people that go by the same exact absurd nickname in one room, and anyone besides those two are using that nickname, things get confusing. especially when stoop and stoop have the same voice and weight and seemingly the same age. no, we are not twins, and no, i am not older. stoop is older and sillier and has like one third of the sensor that i do {scary, indeed}. so, anyways, we do this thing where stoop and i go around sitting on stoops to produce photos called two stoops on a stoop. this is one, 
it was taken this weekend in williamsburg on north 6th or something.