adventures in williamsburg!

high school bestie sarah was in town from indiana this weekend...

...and we were craving an adventure

so we packed up the plastic,
hopped on the L train,
and got off at bedford

our first stop was lux eye where i found ^these^ glasses
(fyi, since the great eye glasses catastrophe of august 2009, i have been totally blind!)
it's on bedford and north 8th i believe
it's so new, it doesn't even have a website yet!
their glasses are so fun and the prices are so good, it is just too good to be true!

next up was beacon's closet
on n. 11th between berry and wythe
it's a huuuuge fantastic thrift store!
i found a kickass red leather jacket with puffy shoulders
(totally 80s rawk star like)
for twenty moneys!

we also visited some of the smaller boutiques along bedford...

is a cute homey little antique shop with lots of old cameras and pictures and type writers...
i found a big vintage key to put on a chain and wear on my neck
(who needed a tiffany's key anyways?)

& and hilarious jewelry (like the mustache necklaces below...)
and cute cards.
and other fun chochkies.

i luv catbird and now i know where i'm holiday shopping...

of course all of this exploring made us hungry...
so upon recommendation from a native williamsburger,
we went to

sarah and i split a burger and their mac and cheese.
the burger was pretty darn good.
definitely up to par with 5 napkin
maybe not as good as landmarc
better than burger joint.

the mac and cheese was some of the best i've had (and that's a lot!)
they use gruyere and cheddar
and radiatore pasta- which i've never seen used in mac before.
it worked almost better than shells because there was more surface area in each noodle and thus more room for an even cheesey coating, as opposed to shells with their little pools of cheese in the middle.
also the bread crumbs were perfectly crispy.
and herr waiter didn't look at me weirdly when i asked for hot sauce and ketchup for it.

our final stop was barcade
which, to be honest, i think it is a little overrated.
there is only so much fun you can have losing at tetris over and over and over.

but the point is,

williamsburg rocks!



p.s. i noticed all of the girls in williamsburg putting little wings on their eyes with liquid eye liner. i'm into it. i think?

shopping in la jolla!

the beautiful, famed, and illustrious la jolla, california. btw, i'm sorta proud of this shot

pops was in rehearsal all day today, so i shopped! 

my first stop was the museum of contemporary art design store... because there is truly nothing better than a good museum shop! 

conventional teddy bears are so in the past... (from left to right) joe the egg, mr. bacon, and mr. toast

this place will always hold a special part in my heart because it is the first store where i was ever exposed to the fabulous ugly dolls! since then, they've gotten some other pretty killer kids' stuffs.... like stuffed bacon, eggs, and toast... and those weird donkey chairs that they have at the continental in philadelphia. 

i know your secrets, steven starr

after the museum, i strolled down prospect street to the cutesy, old fashioned powell's sweet shop. they're no dylan's, but they've got a lot of charm and all of the necessities, like rice paper candy and vintagey gum. 

i hope the actual gum itself isn't vintage... that'd be gross

beech's cute chochkies and things

i then discovered this adorable little boutique called beech on girard street. they had such cute and funky dresses by designers that i've never heard of before. they also had a ton of darling jewelry, as well as a collection of mezuzahs that are fit for the jappiest of all japs. and ohhh how i wanted a skull scarf so badly, but i kept telling myself, "yeh, you have to furnish an apartment!"

who in southern california wears scarves anyways? 

a pretty chair from M.O.S. on girard street that might be perfect in a certain new apartment of mine

of course, i had to hit up warwick's. the best stationary and book store evurrrrrr. it's been around for like a zillion years. this shop, too, will always hold a place in my heart since it is the first store where i ever laid eyes on a moleskine notebook. i must have been 12 or 13 because for some reason i remember wearing a michael stars shirt (those were so the rage in middle school), and i was, as i still am now, on the eternal quest for the perfect diary. at the time i thought i had found it- the elastic closure, the plain black cover, the narrow lines and high quality off white paper, OH, and the little pocket in back for secrets :-). it was nice to revisit this shop of my past, and to see what silly little wonders they had that you can't find at most stationary stores (like bunny shaped scissors, pencil cases that look like slices of pizza, cupcake erasers...)

moleskine, are we in luv?

excuse me, but are you the perfect diary by any chance?

When I walked into LF on girard street, i thought that i was in a thrift shop at first. i was soo wrong. i think that's what they want you to think... when you take a closer look, you realize everything is so beautiful and flowery and pretty and girlie and luscious! it was in fact rather overwhelming how many items were crammed into such a small space... but i did see many a dress that i would have looooved to try on, but the little voice in the back of my head kept screaming, "apartment!!!" 


taschen's new york, as seen at warwick's. in my humble opinion, this is the perfect coffee table book. for a certain new coffee table in a certain new new york apartment, to be certain. not that i'm hinting at anything.. or anything..