i pretended to be a student last week when i subbed for lab orchestra.

and it kind of made me want to be a student again,
so i could count rests and draw pictures...
and wear ridiculous t-shirts on a daily basis...
and engage in 
food stand friday
with george and the like.
i could get student discounts,
have really long winter breaks,
and not feel bad about drinking instant coffee!
but then i'd have to move lots of instruments
and practice until midnight all the time,
and i wouldn't have my fun job things.
there would be no time to bake cakes or 
make casual appearances at that taco bon fire in bed-stuy...
so i think i'll keep my status as an alum,
wear pretty button downs and heels,
 and engage in food stand friday as i see fit.


i did it

1. i gradiated!
2. *panic*
3. j/k!!!
4. the illustrious percussion class of 2011.
5. with mr. president and pops. 

i am done with school, for now. no more penguins, no more l & m. not more sunday afternoons at the practice room sign-out table talking about our hangovers, no more early morning instrument moves. 
but really. there are so many things to miss: the concerts, the practice breaks, the amazing guest artists, breakfast at the diner near carnegie in between the move and the dress, free pizza on wednesdays, student discounts...

what to do, what to do now? i think i'll ride my bike.



 to walk on to a stage
to play music that you absolutely love
for an audience filled  with people whom you absolutely love
{in pants that you absolutely love}
is a feeling that, if caught in a jar and sold for any price,
i'd buy a thousand and keep them forever.
i honestly don't think that i've ever put more of myself into anything before. i worked my tookus off, and though i found my limit {it was rather chicken with the head cut off-esque,
seasoned with about ninety different instruments and it involved slurry speech and ogre hands...}
the entire process was insanely awesome.
if i could do it again,
i totes would. 
in the end, there were homemade soft pretzels from mum,
marzipan cookies from stoop,
a tits mustard selection,
catching all the breaths i forgot to take these past few months,
and so many of my favorite people under the same roof, i almost exploded.

oh shucks, ima fuggin cry.

all photos are by photogenius donny tsang

oy vey zmir

as of tomorrow, there are exactly two weeks until my recital.
and three weeks until gradiation.
i think i am extremely terrified... but i am keeping myself calm with strong mustard and early morning bike rides. 
this week the only mustard that will do the trick is the amora dijon that my french teacher brought in for me. it is so strong. 
so. so. so. so. strong. 
why anyone needs a strong drink when they could have a strong mustard and still be able to bike home is beyond me...
but i digress.
i can't wait for the day when i won't have to stress out about other percussionists taking instruments from my setups,
or worry about what is really going to happen in my recital,
but at the same time,
i am totally in love with studying the pieces that i've chosen,
working towards a fun goal {planning the reception for the goal...}
and having a reason other than iambeinglame for going to sleep before 10.

and there it is, past my bedtime.