actually that title is not complete because it should be more like what i look like when i eat a schnitzel after i've spent all morning curling my hair and painting my nails and then i step out into 100% humidity. but i like how they turned out because ultraclay took these and he is a photographical wizard.

these shots were taken for blondie and brownie's book, new york a la cart: recipes and stories from the big apple's best food trucks, which officially comes out today!!!!

obviously they were shot for the schnitzel chapter which--i think--includes the recipe for one of my most favorite schnitzels in the city, from the schnitzel & things truck. i haven't gotten my copy yet, but i must do so by tomorrow when i see those lovely ladies and beg them to autograph it for me :-)

also for the record i think only the second shot made it into the book. my blue nails are famous!!

everyone buy this book. blondie and brownie are wonderful.



when what you've eaten for a weekend has consisted of three lenny's bagels, a frozen tofu burrito, and a slice of koronet pizza, it is only appropriate to top it all off with a schnitzel,
as you enjoy the corner of the universe that can take down any suburban christmas-crapped lawn in a battle of i have more ridiculous christmas shit than you...
actually, this just occurred to me: does anyone remember that 90s kidsongs show or whatever where the kids shrink and then ride an ornament {or a sleigh} into the insides of a christmas tree?
well, i do, and that's exactly how it felt.  
justit h8ed it. 
but that's what happens when you're 100% vegetarian in a german restaurant.
i thought it was deeeelicious! the spaetzle nubbins were big and doughy and buttery, just how i like em. and the paprika sauce is exactly like kuhn's, in illinois. it made me even more excited to go home for the holidays and have a mum and me schnitzel. 
the schnitzel {i got chickens} was yummy. maybe not yummy enough to come here when it isn't christmas time, but still tasty.
this is what happens with a slow shutter speed and the ability to turn your head on the axis of your left eye. idk.
anyways, i am realllly into the christmas vibe right now.
my schedule is color coded with christmas colors,
my tree is doing mighty fine,
and oh yeah i'm jewish.

scarves + schnitzels

i'm not actually convinced that fall is here for good yet.
it came quite abruptly, no?
either way, i acted like fall this weekend.
i put on my big fat scarf and rode around town...
i swung by the hester street fair to eat a sweet onion schnitzel,
made a mental note to make punkin bread this week,
and observed the leaves for signs of color-changing. none yet!

and then i rode off to long island city for my first trip to p.s. 1,
which was disappointing because i actually think that 
i'm one of those dumb people who the smart visual art people 
look down upon for not understanding their work. 
so i rode to greenpoint and ate a peter pan donut... 
and then made some art of my own 
with wood shapes and things i found on the ground.
i also watered some plants, 
ate a pancake, 
and played around with silly camera settings...
and did a very unfall thing by way of 
trying a million zillion flavors of frozen yogurt at sixteen handles.
it was pretty much the perfect weekend.
except for when i had to cough every five seconds during a 30 minute babbitt piece at greg's recital. which is a lot of having to cough, and a lot of fearing to be that person that coughs during the babbitt. 
but who needs cough drops when you have the corner taco truck.

lovers reunited

a summer without the schnitzel truck
is like anything without mustard.
it is a little scary and i never want to do it again.
we finally reunited yesterday and i got something newish: 
eggplant schnitzel 
with spicy mayo 
and we embraced each other i ate it on the high line.
which was perfect, because the high line has great benches, and enough of them*
*one day i'll discuss my extensive knowledge of benches, because i have one. 
my mom can attest to it. 
and can i confess something? before that i'd never had eggplant.
well, maybe i have and it was mixed with something and i just didn't know it. 
but this was the first time i ordered an eggplant-focused thing
and it was so great! 
and not just because animal babies weren't killed in the process,
but also because it had a sweet yummy taste and a new texture i've never before met in a schnitzel.
schnitzel truck, i missed you so much omg

p.s. on the subject of schnitzel {story of my life}: here is a little piece i wrote about a new israeli schnitzel place that is launching this weekend