on my flight back from chicago i didn't have a book because i had just finished the book thief and hadn't gotten into a new one yet, so i played with my new favorite app, paper, which is this fun drawing/water color thingy. i basically dreamt up a bunch of sandwiches that are not allowed on passover because this year i thought it would be an interesting experience to keep kosher for passover, which i don't normally do. so far it hasn't been that difficult (having a gluten-free manfriend helps). except this morning my cupboards were bare-ish and one of my only options was a bacon jam matzo sandwich. oops. oh and then today chris is bringing homemade hot cross buns to a thing and i really cannot wait to eat one. 

*pause while i do some research about whether or not i will be disqualified from birthright if i blog about bacon on my matzoh*

(ok, we're in the clear.)

in other news, i have officially swapped out my puffy coat for my lighter spring jackets, i am currently in the market for a new molly mobile, sigur ros is on the radio, and i am furiously drafting what i will say when i officiate stoop's wedding in two weeks.


what i'm loving these days

black jeans: my instructional photography book that i've been reading on the subway leaves no brain power to remember to cross my legs and sit like a lady, and i've lately found myself working right up until 10 minutes after i should have left to go to something. this obviously leaves no time to think about skirts or fashions. enter: my two pairs of black jeans, one by cheap monday and one by bulldog. they go perfectly with all of my three sweaters, they're forgiving when i eat too many sandwiches, and they transition so gosh darn seamlessly from day to night.

marzipan: when pumpkin season ended, marzipan season began. and, oh, how i'd been counting down the days. nothing says the holidays like a marzipan cookie dunked in marzipan hot chocolate that you share with your pet marzipan pig. my marzipan plans for the season include stirring it into yogurt, making donuts with it, and possibly attempting a princess cake

BLTs: would there actually be any long term consequences of my decision to eat only BLTs and marzipan things for a week or six? other than my unsurpassed happiness? this simple sandwich that i've been making with homemade aioli, romas, butter lettuce, and turkey bacon is--in this week's version of my opinion--the best sandwich ever in the world.

trader joe's mesquite smoked almonds: these things are the sophisticated grown-up answer to cheetos in the way that the entire time you're eating them you think about how it's possible that these taste so good and you want to know why they weren't invented until they were invented.

all of these end of the year top ten lists: so that i can relive my fomo about missing einstein on the beach. and so i can see how many more-qualified people agree with me about roomful of teeth and lost in the trees and my other favorite music-makers nailing it this year.


stream of consciousness day

to ring in my birthday, rob and maria and i engaged in stream of consciousness day: a 24-hour piece of performance art centered on doing whatever we want, when we want it. obviously there's not much planning to be done aside from taking a vacation day from work and mentally preparing yourself for the possibility that your stream of consciousness could lead you to a tattoo parlor or the lunchable aisle of the grocery store or, heaven forbid, staten island. luckily our streams didn't lead us to do any permanent damage. i was mostly looking to eat as many breakfast sandwiches as possible, maria and i got massages and our nails did, and rob went to the party store to buy those absurd clown glasses for us. we ate cake balls and nougats and... we just didn't hold back when it came to eating and drinking. the day ended with sangria and bacon cheeseburgers on the hudson as the sun set, some really strong coconut cake at good enough to eat, and belly aches that carried on into the next day. hehe, oops. 

jewish sandwiches!

sometimes i cringe at the idea of "best of" lists because they tend to bring lots of hate into the world via the comments section. but when research involves eating bagels and going on adventures, i mean, who can say no??
i had a ton of fun putting this article together on 10 of the best jewish sandwiches in america and i even acquired a piece of ruth reichl original prose for my inbox. go read it!

{pic: mile end smoked meat sandwich, courtesy of mile end}