for you, wherever you are.

i hate that you were taken from us in the middle of the night, so helpless and from your own home. 
i hate whoever did this, whoever got their smelly paws all over you, who yanked you from your spot in the world.
{i want to punch that person in the nose and go all glenbrook north 2003 on them.}
you're probably under some big smelly bum right now, maybe you're on a fixie :-(
but with all of my might, i will hope that you're in bike seat heaven on a pretty mustard trek allant or a cannondale supersix. perhaps you're under a bum that has just done pilates or is genetically engineered not to fart.
oh poor molly mobile bike seat, you were so good to me and i love you and i'll miss you forever and ever.

this one's for you, molly mobile seat:
 "we get away" by nfh

happy beans

{from the governor's island 20s party. some people didn't get the memo to dress-up.}

yesterday i inched closer to coming to terms with the fact that many of my close friends are soon moving or have recently moved away from the city. and that brooklyn is quite far from many of those that are left. it was a sad day and there were lots of frowns. 

so today i will begin the day with a happy list.

1. the dharma at big sur
2. perhaps a matzoh taste test party is in my future
3. through the grapevine i heard: "i just want to eat cake and eggs with molly yeh, you know?" yes. i will absolutely eat cake and eggs with you.
4. tomato season
5. an opera i am very much looking forward to performing this fall is on this list, right above a concert that my pops is playing.
6. very special people will be visiting town this weekend!
7. donny gave me a muffin tin and i intend to soon make lemon poppyseed muffins. 
8. bike rides
9. my new heroes of the torah drinking glasses
10. lost in the trees garden
11. butter dish shopping


bye bye, broken heart.

suddenly i have time to sit on my bed and stare into space
and think of nothing or anything. i can move slowly and paint
my nails and hang up my clothes... the answer to
do you want a second drink at dinner is yes.
it is the most fantastic feeling in the world,
it is also very lonely.
no longer will i spend every evening with the people that have been my family for the past few months... 
no more playing hours of waterphone every day,
no more enjoying all of the yummy sweets that materialize in the green room for the taking,
no more birdie chimes :-(
i's so sad. ima make dark chocolate lavender macarons.