prime meats

this is what a perfect little lunch after a perfect snowy stroll through adorable carroll gardens looks like. that there pasta is a fancy schmancy version of what a fictional austrian version of me would have housed in lieu of mum's mac & cheese on a regular basis during the great growth spurt of year 11. gruyère + spätzle. hello, thing-that-i-would-normally-feel-guilty-about-eating-but-am-not-because-you-have-a-fancy-name-that-contains-an-umlaut. and the bacon? i hate to break it to you, every slice of bacon that might be reading this, but the bacon at prime meats was *wait for it while i re-consider all the other bacons i've ever had* the best bacon i've ever had. it was so thick and crunchy and crumble/melt-in-your-mouth-y. the calories don't count because they were pre-burned off on the walk there.

meg {wore amazing earrings} and had the burger. i was too taken by my bacon to ask to sneak a bite {!} but, my, did it look good, i may have to get one next time.

also included in my first prime meats experience: great sinus-clearing sweet mustard + great service. 

i am an immediate fan of this place. i will surely need to try it for dinner soon.


prime meats: 465 court street, at luquer street. carroll gardens, brooklyn. 


on an extremely frigid cold morning {as many of them seem to be these days}, meg and i sat down in our sweaters for eggs and hot coffee and the perfect dilemma called what should we be when we grow up?

we were at rucola, a wonderful little neighborhood restaurant. it's the only storefront on its block of brownstones and i've been wanting to try it since i moved to the borough. oh, was it delightful in exposed brick and natural lighting and pretty bathroom glory! i had the squishiest, doughiest, most comforting breakfast sammie of the egg/mortadella/fontina/pistachios variety, and meg had a risotto cake hidden under a plate of arugula. how she didn't get that arugula stuck in her teeth, i will never know.


sandy help

a guide to helping with sandy recovery from wherever you are in the world. 

listen to amazing music. the record label for some of the most unbelievable new music on the planet, new amsterdam records, had their headquarters destroyed. buy some of their albums* {like my current obsession, one of their newest releases, roomful of teeth} and/or donate to their relief fund here.

eat + cook. most of my favorite restaurants had to close during the storm, and some remain closed. on top of their lost work days, a few are having to do a ton of repair work {like mile end, their bakery and smokehouse were completely destroyed, and one girl, their dumbo store was flooded}. if you're in the city, eat out and tip well. if you're not in the city, buy cookbooks* from new york restaurants. mile end, clinton street baking company, the frankies, shopsin's, and one girl have some of my favorites, but of course there a million more.

drink. breweries and bars were also severely damaged. if you're in brooklyn, come have a drink with me on the sip away sandy bar crawl tomorrow. if you're in other sandy-affected areas, organize your own sip away sandy and remember to tip well. if you're not in a sandy-affected area, see if you can find beer from sixpoint or brooklyn breweries {sixpoint's brewery and brooklyn's new york warehouse were hit hard}. 

play music. busk or organize a concert, and do good with your earnings {perhaps send them to one of the organizations listed here here}.

*cough cough chrismukkuh gift ideas!!!

have another idea on how to help?? leave it in the comments section!!



sometimes i avoid brunch like the plague because all it is is waiting on really long lines, for all the same pancake stuff, and i'm either hungover or full from last night's lucky burger or both. 
but none of those things are true when mum is here!
hi, mum! oh hi, justit!
for when mum is here, we wake up early to avoid the lines and go to badass places like
{and of course, we're not hungover because mums don't do that}
it was mum's idea because since she read blood, bones, and butter
she can't shut up about the gabrielle hamilton.
it was super delightfully tasty.
my favorites were the carbonara {for breakfast!!} and the dutch pancake {which was thick and sweet and doughy, like a real cake!} and the potatoes that came with my eggs were such a highbrow brilliant hash brown. 
nothing needed more salt or pepper or anything because it was all so flavorful and fantastic.
well, the bloody mary needed booze. but that's not their fault, it's new york state's fault whatever. 
and it ended so happily, with a revival of the lost art of after-dinner mints in the form of black licorice. which normally i would have left, but something came over me and i really enjoyed black licorice for i think the first time and it was such a peculiar yet fabulous way to end a yummy brunch.
if prune was a person, i think i'd totally want to be her friend because she'd probably be one of those that plans beautiful tea parties and wears great dresses but also has a potty mouth.