scarves + schnitzels

i'm not actually convinced that fall is here for good yet.
it came quite abruptly, no?
either way, i acted like fall this weekend.
i put on my big fat scarf and rode around town...
i swung by the hester street fair to eat a sweet onion schnitzel,
made a mental note to make punkin bread this week,
and observed the leaves for signs of color-changing. none yet!

and then i rode off to long island city for my first trip to p.s. 1,
which was disappointing because i actually think that 
i'm one of those dumb people who the smart visual art people 
look down upon for not understanding their work. 
so i rode to greenpoint and ate a peter pan donut... 
and then made some art of my own 
with wood shapes and things i found on the ground.
i also watered some plants, 
ate a pancake, 
and played around with silly camera settings...
and did a very unfall thing by way of 
trying a million zillion flavors of frozen yogurt at sixteen handles.
it was pretty much the perfect weekend.
except for when i had to cough every five seconds during a 30 minute babbitt piece at greg's recital. which is a lot of having to cough, and a lot of fearing to be that person that coughs during the babbitt. 
but who needs cough drops when you have the corner taco truck.

in memoriam: m. wells

and also: reason for why i am only 99% vegetarian
last week i said hello and goodbye to my new favorite:
m. wells
{which closes today}
forever i will remember the breakfast sandwich and the spaghetti sandwich as two of the tastiest and doughiest sandwiches i ever had. ohh how i fancied their bread! english muffins, soft squishy hamburger buns, squishy squishiness everywhere. j'adore. have you ever had a spaghetti sandwich?? neither had i. essentially, it eliminates the element of feeling awkward when you use your garlic bread as a utensil for spaghetti {that is a common thing, right?}.  
oh and the breakfast sandwich! it is like a giant, puffier, more interesting sausage mcmuffin. and i say that in the best possible way because my last breakfast on earth would include a sausage mcmuffin.
other dishes included: the hamburger. a juicy, yummy one. the tortilla. with shrimpies. hmmm. the egg souffle. which was random. am-i-in-japan random. 
i was sad to see that the classic quebecois dishes they were serving when they first opened weren't on the menu. but that's ok. i guess it had kind of morphed into a superdiner where all sorts of classic diner things and international things were magnified and yummy-/homemade-ified. it was so great and i am so sad that it is gone now.
oh! and this is what it looks like to eat with three extremely awesome food bloggers. eating with brianblondie, and donny was so silly because originally i was planning on finger painting pictures of the food when i got home, but then as each dish came out and no one could touch it until everyone had positioned and photographed it, i felt weird not taking pictures. 
so i did, and there they are.
i would say you should go to m. wells now... but sadly the best you'll be able to do is just think hard enough about the best breakfast sandwich that your imagination can come up with. and maybe, possibly, it will appear. 
frank the bunny-style.  
r.i.p. m. wells!

-yeh :-(

i went to flushing and alls i got was this identity crises pastry

it's a cake inside of a loaf of bread. appropriately called a
cake bun
and it's really good. 
i'm in bed eating it right now, 
and i don't know what is softer: my stuffed penguin friend or this cake bun. 

happy sunday!!!


p.s. next up is molly makes a cake bun with red velvet inside challah. 
it will be a racial/cultural mut. just like me. 

week 38: pasha

queens is:
a) the borough with the airport
b) where new york's token beer garden is
c) a little bit scary if you haven't a clue what you're doing
all of the above. 
no really, i can count the amount of times i've been to queens on one foot {well, maybe two foots and a nostril if you include laguardia trips}
it's something about the bridges and the q train and the striking similarities that it shares with the town near my home that my eye doctor's office is in that i've just never had a sensational desire to go. 
but then my friend danielle came along who is, i shit you not, the sam sifton of queens. and she was like 
come to astoria and eat bosnian burgers.
 they're the size of your ass.
she didn't say the ass part, but that's really the approximate size, i think, i hope. 
and so i smushed like a little baby sardine onto the q train {EEEEEEECK} and i deboarded somewhere somehow and then we {danielle, peter, nick, me} ate at
which is the bosnian burger center of the universe, apparently.
nick and i each got one.
and it's essentially what would happen if a schnitzel got with a spotted pig burger 
and then was garnished with creamy tangy cheese and roasted peppers and cozied up in a pita 
{read: a reeeeally flat lamby burger, i think there's beef in there too?}
it was insane and enough like an american burger to really have something to grasp onto, but different enough to make you want to go alllll the way to queens for it.
danielle got some sausagey thing that was essentially the burger in sausage shape. and peter got another smokey sausagey thing that was equally as scrumptious. 
but not ass-sized.
and the whole entire time, danielle was telling me about all of these different cuisines in queens that i've never even heard of. and i was all what the ef am i missing 
and she was all yeah, you haven't even had good uzbek-peruvian-azerbaijani fusion until you've had it in queens.
anyways, the burger was so big i couldn't finish it all. {that's a first} 
it was so good. and so cheap.
believe me when i say,
queens: it's what's for dinner.

take me to the queen, i've got 14 restaurants left.



pasha: don't eat lunch, and then take the n or q to 30th ave.