sundays in the fall

sundays in the fall are for bringing your own pumpkin {b.y.o.p.}
and making whoopie pies, pumpkin butter, pumpkin bread, and mulled wine about it.
they are for putting bacon on your caramel apples, and sea salt on them too.
...for forgetting to take pictures of the apple cider donuts and for remembering to add a handful of bacon to the dough.
{for shutting up about bacon but also not caring when something is so 2009...}
sundays in the fall are for old friends, new friends, and ones that show up after everyone else has left so you can bask in the hum of the dishwasher, sip on porkslap, and discuss plans for taking over the future. 
sundays in the fall are for gingerbread mustard and vermont friends appearing in the doorway with my favorite vermont mustard.

sundays in the fall, oh how i love you so. summer fridays, you've got some serious competition.


mum's visit, in food.

pig, three ways: after bacon-y polenta and pancetta bruschetta at al di la brunch {which i really can't get over}, we met a pig on a leash. i didn't even know that was legal, i said, ummm actually it's really common, said the pig mom all attitude like, oh ok well i just ate pig and i intend to eat more tomorrow and the next day and the next, imaginary me said.
rugelach: but obviously not better than mum's.
kind of like the best brunch i ever had: at miriam, and with schnitzel. that would have been enough, but challah french toast, shakshouka, and civilized political conversation added a little somethin somethin that defied my sometimes impression of brunch as being just a fun hangover activity. 
afternoon coffee + cake: olive oil cake and a caramel-y mini bundt from one girl. with a side of, please can you fill me in on my sister's wedding plans?
morningtime punkin bread, two ways: dog days closing pumpkin bread and thank-you-for-driving-me-to-rehearsal-through-all-that-new-jersey-traffic pumpkin bread. [fact: early morning baking with mum is the best beyond bestest best thing in the brooklyn.]

punkin party

when the clock struck fall and the world exploded with pumpkin, my kitchen became a center for it all. pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin risotto, pumpkin baked oatmeal, opening night* pumpkin bread. pumpkin pumpkin. pumpkiny pumpkin braised with pumpkin, topped with pumpkin tartare, finished with extra virgin pumpkin. 

in my old age i've become staunchly seasonal, to the point where i nearly had a meltdown about realizing that it's now slightly too late to bake a pflaumenkuchen, to the point where i visited upwards of four grocery stores prematurely in search for pumpkin for pumpkin challah on rosh hashanah. {severe and sincere props to my new favorite, the 5th avenue key food... i know.} i love that pumpkin season is here. love it times a trillion. it just makes me want to dance in leg warmers to sufjan stevens near a fireplace all night long.


*if you follow me on the twitters, you know that i simply won't shut up about dog days and how it premiered this weekend. it was so amazing to be able to just play through the thing without pausing to adjust lights or intonation or other tech things. so many times i wanted to just burst into tears about some of them arias. but, boy oh boy, was i nervous! still, the idea of playing in a performance that isn't a school performance and that will potentially be reviewed by lotsa people gives me the nervous i-can-only-eat-matzoh-ball-soup tummy. i love it though and i hope that maybe you will see it?

plots to take over the fall

this year's halloween costume rhymes with my name. if you guess what it is, you get a high five. 

in working on a piece about oatmeal for the violet's fall issue, and feeling like a bit of failure, i discovered the oatmeal artist. it is pure gold.

soon it will be leg warmer and risotto weather and your girl will not look back.

does anyone care about anyone else's opinions about politics? or do people only want to talk about how they feel and agree with the other people who feel the same way?

apple pickin, nose pickin, sufjan stevens ballet!

i am counting down the days until dog days. also relearning the 100 pages of vibraphone notes and it is the most fun in the practice room i've had since famicom.

anyone got any good australian licorice recipes?