and then it was fall...

today began the school year  {with my one entire class}
but forever i will remember this summer as the summer of biking, the summer of ice cream sandwiches, the summer i successfully dodged eating a lobster roll, and most importantly 
the summer i won a whole month of schnitzel.
i also saw xenakis on a boat, attended my first bang on a can marathon, heard all of varese's works live, committed a flea market tour, made new friends, kept the old, wrote for time out magazine, witnessed a live taping of iron chef, won ten cents at the belmont stakes, took a little trip to tanglewood, said bye bye to my wisdom teeths, ate goat, went to a regina spektor concert, saw the silk road ensemble and leila josefowicz in the same week {!} and {also most importantly} saw an episode of the jersey shore for the first time. 
beat that, fall.

but really. who's excited for punkin bread and my red leather jacket? i am.



oops i forgot to write about anything that doesn't involve food

ok! things i've done recently that don't involve food:

1. rode my bike
the molly mobile 
she's two shades of chocolate. 
oh wait that's food! 
she's two shades of poop.

2. listened to music
nowadays i like
stars of the lid
{no relation}

3. looked at pictures of pandas
omg you guys look

4. cheered on my friends kyle & kyle who are the only finalists in the new york philharmonic audition. 
finals are on saturday!

5. saw toy story 3/cried

6. wrote letters

7. forgot to send letters

8. became overwhelmed by all of the events happening in new york city and decided not to do any of them and didn't feel bad about it

9. wrote for time out new york

10. watched the o.c.

11. facebooked

oh no this is so boring.
tomorrow i go back to writing about food.



p.s. did anybody see brittany's response to my contest in the last post? it made me pee in my pants:

"From L to R..

1. Take the picture, and get oughta' here lady before you see what REALLY goes into this meat!

2. Nice to "Meat" you.. get it? Meat-Meet!! har! har!

3. would this be an awkward time to let everyone know I'm a vegetarian!?"