what i'm listening to these days.

people often ask what i'm listening to these days and most of the time i don't know what to say because i don't really think about music in terms of genres and i have about a thousand favorite bands and my tastes change like my pants {sometimes every day, sometimes every three weeks...}, but i get why it's valid to ask people that. it's a good way to discover new bands, it's easy to get to know people by way of their musical tastes, and it fills lulls in the conversation...

the first sound i heard out of the womb was a cassette of the mozart clarinet concerto, the first cd i ever bought was coolio's gangster's paradise, in junior high i went through really extreme ben folds and david bowie phases in between spending my weekends at orchestra rehearsal, and now i have a girl boner for contemporary opera but my boyfriend makes me listen to taylor swift every day. 

i love the really really written-five-minutes-ago-on-a-napkin new music that talks about blood and words i'm afraid to repeat, i also love old big music especially when a mahler box is involved. sometimes i listen to ani difranco and my karaoke jam is obv cyndi lauper but i wish i could memorize "we didn't start the fire" for a good party trick. 

anyways if you feel like it/want to discover new music/listen to the old/interact with me on a sonic level, subscribe to

the my name is yeh playlist {!!!!} 

i'll keep it updated with my current musical obsessions and you can listen along or not listen along at your leisure. this way i don't have to awkwardly stumble on my words when you ask me what i'm listening to these days.


p.s. the photos are from a really great impromptu breakfast this morning with stefani, who last month was in india and this morning was lost in my neighborhood. i was enticed out of bed when she delivered me nunu coffee and then we talked suburbs and central america over a veggie frittata.

a late fall playlist

for the soups and the stews,
the evenings spent indoors,
the thanksgiving treks,
and the start of marzipan season:
a little mix of my new favorites.

{overexposed soup}
best enjoyed by candlelight.

{1} i saw three ships :: sufjan stevens
{2} i should watch t.v. :: david byrne & st. vincent
{3} train song :: feist & ben gibbard
{4} courante :: caroline shaw/roomful of teeth
{5} city middle :: the national
{6} holy, holy, holy :: sufjan stevens
{7} conversation 16 :: the national
{8} you're an angel, and i'm gonna cry :: chris thile
{9} escape :: judd greenstein/nadia sirota
{10} ansa ya :: merrill garbus/roomful of teeth
{11} ice age :: david byrne & st. vincent
{12} where are the arms :: gabriel kahane

you may listen to it here.



a mid-may mixtape

you guys, i made a mixtape. 
it is for mid-may because summer is nearly here
and, like in the above photo, horrific and amazing 
things are about to happen.
so let's be optimistic and catchy, shall we?
you may listen to this mid-may mixtape here.
{1} i don't have any fun :: matt marks
{2} little bit [css remix] :: lykke li
{3} god knows - you gotta give to get :: el perro del mar
{4} songs of love :: ben folds
{5} skip town :: nico muhly
{6} maneater :: nelly furtado
{7} do what you want :: guster
{8} the ward accord :: sara watkins
{9} kids :: mgmt
{10} mushaboom :: bright eyes
{11} home :: edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros
{12} twelve-year-old scotch :: corey dargel
{13} some nights :: fun.
{14} hide & seek 2 :: imogen heap
{15} codes and keys [yeasayer remix] :: death cab for cutie
{16} what if you :: joshua radin
{17} my love :: the bird and the bee
{18} everything is new :: antony and the johnsons
{19} around us [wld ptch remix] :: jonsi

eight ways of looking at a birthday month

1. this month i will turn 23. it will not be my golden birthday, like it was last year. it will not celebrate the first time that i can drink legally, like it was two years ago. no. this month, i will turn michael jordan's chicago bulls number. and i couldn't be more comfortable about being rather tall.
2. this month will be my last living on the upper west side. does moving out of the neighborhood of one's school signify something about becoming a grown-up? let's pretend. and let's pretend for a moment that next year i will actually stick to my plan of biking into manhattan from brooklyn every day. what a good butt i will have. also, i hope that in my new neighborhood i can recreate this comfortable feeling that i get in my current neighborhood that comes from seeing my regular taco truck, my regular corner donut man, churro woman, my regular neighbor evan. 
3. jesca hoop is who i've been listening to this morning. she opened for punch brothers. it took me many minutes on google to realize that she is "jesca" and not "jessica," but it was worth it, and in another life i would want to be similar to her.
4. my eating habits have spun out of control. a rob coffee date turns into a rob short rib sandwich date, i nonchalantly had fried green tomatoes during the middle set at dizzy's last night. i haven't been to the grocery store in weeks. in april, this worried me. but now it's my birthday month so i can eat whatever i want, correct?
5. lol @ "birthday week" expanding to "birthday month." life is simply too short for your birthday to just be a week. 
6. my body has seen a ridiculous amount of hives in the past week. mum thinks i've tout à coup developed an allergy to something that i'm exposed to regularly. could you imagine if it was an allergy to sugar? or lemons? unfortunately, it's definitely not vegetables since i haven't had them on a regular basis in many days. maybe it's my penguin, or may, or shampoo.
7. the david little opera dog days is something that i can't stop thinking about. it is one of the most ferocious pieces of music that i've ever heard. the story, the lyrics, the use of vibrator on brake drum: it is brilliant. and though i love this month, performing in september's premiere is something that i am very much looking forward to.
8. high-waisted jeans, yo.