pi day is for jewish mothers and mathletes-in-past-lives to expose themselves shamelessly over {in descending order from favorite to least favorite}:

a) homemade (better than the real thing) momofuku crack pie
c) eggpie (or, quiche)
e) gluten-free/sugar-free/eggboy-friendly sweet potato pie

ad-lib talk of ponies, percussions, and many other things brought to us by the letter "p."



{with as much alliteration as possible.}
-teach pataflaflas.
-go to the library, check out vermont counterpoint.
-put out peanuts, pickles, cheese, and pilsners. and possibly pinot.
-practice the first 60 digits of pi for a good party trick.
-caramelize many many onions. in a pan.
-text mum to see if it's george gershwin's birthday.
-bake the sweet potato pie.
-bake the oatmeal pie.
-retrieve the crack pie from its cooling stage.
-eat pie with percussionists.




this morning when the pie* recipe told me to beat the butter and the sugar for one minute i thought what an enjoyable way to spend one full minute. and for the entire minute i thought of other enjoyable ways to spend one minute. here are some:

-do a plank that will remove some of the guilt of eating butter and sugar
-rinse and dry chickpeas {so that they can be toasted with salt and cumin}
-write a tweet or two
-send a little email to mum or anyone else
-look out the window and think of nothing
-draw a picture of a dream house
-fix a cup of tea for eggboy {i suppose this may go past the minute mark if you put a lot of water in your water boiler}
-clean the bathroom sink
-clean the butter dish
-do shavasana
-buy tickets for the bam planetarium

ok, what am i forgetting?


*pi day is coming, luke is on his way, and currently there are four different pies being prepared. i am so excited.

pie, mum

yesterday i woke up to the kitchen covered in little crumbly doughy pieces and onions flying everywhere. in the middle of it stood mum with the look on her face that george gershwin gets when he gets to go in the car. she was so excited because for the first time in her life she realized that making homemade pie crust is in fact not too difficult and way better than pillsbury. all you do is you crumble up butter and flour and blah blah blah pie crust yum!! i immediately went to work out in anticipation for what was about to come out of the oven. when i returned, the house smelled like passover {in the good, matzoh ball soup way} and there was a stunning lancashire cheese-and-onion pie sitting on the counter and together mum and i tore it apart.