contrary to what i believed this time last week, there are more than zero reasons to go to yonkers:

1. you get to ride the choo choo, and within a half hour of leaving grand central station, you can be in a cute little riverside town with bridges and a main street and a... 
2. seafood restaurant that is also a secret korean restaurant (!!!!)*. if you go there and disregard the seafood menu and smile and ask the owner for korean food, she will make you amazing korean food with black garlic and homemade kimchi. and she may even pour you a little cup of mushroom tea. everything about it is delicious and sweet.
3. line c3 might be there at a really awesome studio playing percussion music until the wee hours of the morning. and it is fine because you are fueled on thin mints and hot cross buns and yes, that korean food.

*ok, after further research, it doesn't look that secret, so here it is.

so if you're looking for a quick and easy little adventure out of the city {and your private jet is in the shop...} yonkers, i'd say, is a fun option!



{with as much alliteration as possible.}
-teach pataflaflas.
-go to the library, check out vermont counterpoint.
-put out peanuts, pickles, cheese, and pilsners. and possibly pinot.
-practice the first 60 digits of pi for a good party trick.
-caramelize many many onions. in a pan.
-text mum to see if it's george gershwin's birthday.
-bake the sweet potato pie.
-bake the oatmeal pie.
-retrieve the crack pie from its cooling stage.
-eat pie with percussionists.




over the weekend i ate hamantaschen and basically only hamantaschen.
i showered, i brushed my hair, i went to manhattan {things i don't often do on a weekend}.
eggboy and i went to a roller derby in gowanus {things we don't often do on a weekend}.
and we saw dave play xenakis and viƱao {things i want to do way more often on a weekend}.

also this weekend i visited eggboy's apartment for the second time ever. {it has a pretty brick wall and a minnesota flag.}
the wind about knocked me horizontal.
and, look, a new feature began!


learning music.

learning new music is such a struggle for me. i'm slow, i get distracted, my brain goes all googly moogly...it's one of those things that i have to brute force and get over in order to really enjoy playing music. if i could have two superpowers, one would be to have the entire repertoire implanted into my head so that all i have to do is whip out my sticks and go to town. {but if i could only have one superpower, it would be to have a bottomless stomach. that goes without saying?}

anyways, learning lots of notes is what i've been doing for the past week and what i will do for the next few weeks. everything else is just what happens when i'm on a practice break. the onion pie snacktimes, the foam roller romps, photoshop lessons... all in between sessions of forcibly stuffing my brain with f-sharp runs and weird chords.

it'll pay off, molly. says future self who is eating post-performance reception cheese.