ingredients for the perfect pickle party
1. awesome fun people who like to pickle just as much as you and preferably have more experience than you or just more twitter followers that can answer questions like "do we really need to sterilize these jars?" unless you are a pickle master. in my case, my perfect pickle partners were donny and howie.
2. like, a shitton of kosher salt, jars, vinegar, and patience.
3. the national and andrew byrd pandora stations.
6. a direct line to eggboy's grandma who is apparently more a pickle master than everyone in brooklyn combined.



a few weeks ago, i found out about pretzel ice cream cones through taryn's yummy tour of north carolina and then i proceeded to order 60 of them and commission max to make boozy ice cream. for an impulse buy, i think i did pretty well because only a handful of things beat the salty & sweet (& custom ice cream) phenomenon. i'll be serving them at a little party next weekend and since there are about twice as many cones as there are guests, i think i'll also put them out for the pre-dinner pickles and nuts (a fun way to cut down on dishes without having to resort to paper plates, no? i can't take credit for this though, it was mum's idea). 

i thought about making these from scratch. but then i wanted to watch 90s movies this weekend instead.



pi day is for jewish mothers and mathletes-in-past-lives to expose themselves shamelessly over {in descending order from favorite to least favorite}:

a) homemade (better than the real thing) momofuku crack pie
c) eggpie (or, quiche)
e) gluten-free/sugar-free/eggboy-friendly sweet potato pie

ad-lib talk of ponies, percussions, and many other things brought to us by the letter "p."



happy fifty seven seventy snake, everyone!

for the third time in six months a new year rolled around and you know what they say about the third time... something about it being dumpling-filled and noodle-y. so melissa and i enlisted an army of dumpling makers, black sesame ice cream experts, fortune writers {to write socially relevant fortunes}, and polaroid photogs to throw a snake-y soirĂ©e of the most non-snake-y because snakes freak the shit out of me. 

and it was so yummy and fun to get in touch with my chinese half and eat tons of noodles and put mochi in my cookies!