yardbird {miami}

definition of heaven: with them, eating that.
nothing. nothing compares to a long, early evening meal with fabulous food, amazing friends, mustard cocktails, and natural lighting...
like the one a few days ago at
{in miami, not to be confused with 
it was one of those meals that was so good, it'd be worth trading my opposable thumbs for. because my friends are so great, they'd make up a brilliant way to make fun of me and then help cut my chicken. i'm so in love.
protocol for toasting during this trip was to say paradiddles instead of cheers, making everything about the trip a "business expense."
and, yes, that is a mustard effing cocktail. 
the porkchop citrus juice + apple cider + benchmark bourbon + dijon + thyme
i considered asking for extra mustard like i do with everything,
but instead i enjoyed it as it was meant to be. 
and it was not-too-sweet and refreshing and yummypants.
sel de mer's fatty miami fried green tomato counterpart was topped with pimento cheese and an unbelievable piece of melt-in-yr-potty-mouth pork belly. usually i write off pork belly as so 36 months ago, but not when it's this good.
veggie pot pie: an extremely respectable veggie option for a place called chicken.
left: rob does what percussionists do when they get wild/crazy.
right: alan laughs at him, or something else. 
it's hard to tell when everyone spends the entire meal laughing.
hearty & firm chicken biscuits with pepper jelly and pickley things.
you are the macaroni to my grayson, virginia cheese.

with my old roomie! and brian {of the tag, brian is numnums}

reason number two for why i'd move to miami is the freshness of the fruit and veggies. i'm no watermelon connoisseur, but i know when i die upon eating something. above are the melons & farm cheese which were unlike anything i'd ever had, texturally. an unoffensive crumbly cheese. and a crisp and juicy watermelon... formed an odd pairing that i am just now, in my tiny new york apartment, craving. which is the wrong place to crave that. but this one took thought and absence.
post dinner: eight grown men rolling around on the floor, violet beauregarde style, and one and a half asian girls nodding violently to the possibility of dessert.
bluebee crumble with corn ice cream.
yes, we want that.
complete success.
i'm even gonna use caps and bold to convey it:
the entire meal was simply nailguns. 
literally, paradise.
the memories of it can go in a little ball jar and sit on my desk now. 
i'll open it every time i need a good smile.

week 9: big pink

miami has three types of restaurants:

1. the kind that uses big boobies to attract customers
{such as... ALL of the restaurants on lincoln road}
2. little dives like la sandwicherie and el rey de las fritas that are a bit off the beaten path but worth it.
3. diners where the menus are the size of a four year old.

... and so when my best bribery efforts to get a ride to el rey failed,
saved me from having to endure big boobied hostesses.

the victims, left to right: 
sue, mark, brian, me, rob 
{five points if you guess which ones are related}

...it was your typical huge diner-y restaurant that apparently all of miami flocks to for sunday brunch,
and it has some quirky menu items,
such as a tv style dinner, complete with sectioned tray,
and various things served in buckets...

like the calamari and shrimp that i tried for the first time
and the calamari i kind of liked
and the shrimp made me want to puke my brains out.
{the men loved em though}

...so then our mains came.

and then about ten minutes later our silverware came.

like what?
rob wonders how he should eat his tuna sammich

brian showcases his lox pizza with caviar
which might as well have been a bagel & lox
too salty for brian's taste
a+ for creativity, i thought it was delightfully mediocre

when i couldn't decide what to get on the 4 foot by 4 foot menu,
mark told me to close my eyes and point at something,
and i got
the big pink hollywood breakfast
polenta fries topped with spinach, bacon, and poached eggs...
covered in cheese sauce
{cheese sauce on the side for me please, for the sake of my poor heart}

and i learned two things:

1. there's a reason polenta fries aren't more popular
2. having to watch your poor food lose heat while a sassy aloof waitress hunts down silverware is more painful than you will ever know. 

p.s. what self 'specting restaurant serves nacho cheese?

in the end,
sassy waitresses and the absence of silverware 
did not ruin the meal
us midwesterners were in the sun,
graced with people we love,
and enthralled in good conversation.

...43 to go...



big pink is located at 157 collins ave in miami


played with two of my best best friends in the whole wide world 
{rob & brian}

annoyed rob & brian with a zillion million pictures...

celebrated rob's birthday!

found the perfect restaurant for week 9
{just kidding... that's not it}

saw pretty art deco

walked by the south beach wine & food festival

... saw emeril at a distance

took a pic for one of my fave blogs

made the customary trek to la sandwicherie

tried calamari for the first time
 {and sorta liked it}
at this week's new restaurant


got burnt
{darn sun!}

listened to regina spektor and lady gaga and death cab on the beach

saw dear john when it rained

went to a few awesome yoga classes

ahh how nice it was to get a bit of sun in the winter...