fig newtons

{and fig newtons with nutella}

lance brought in office figs last week.
and i said, "lance, you have a thing for figs."
and he said, "yeah."
so i made office fig newtons. 
i used this recipe,
which combines my recent ventures in jam with a basic-ish orangey sugar cookie. it isn't the dark brown cake-y cookie in a real fig newton that makes you feel like you're doing good by eating whole wheat or whatever. but it's good. 
and they're good. 
and naturally, one third of them are spiked with nutella.
how is that for getting figgy with it?

breakfast for dinner

lentil sausage pigs in sourdough buttermilk vanilla blankets... with brown sugar strawbee {juices}
my quest for turning all meat things into lentil/almond/egg things continues. 
when i was a wee one, i'd eat those pig in a blanket things that came on a stick and that looked like corn dogs. and that you could nevvver quite microwave right, for either the middle was still frozen or the outside was overcooked. but they were still really good and fun and you could eat them on the school bus. 
...that on-a-stick thing was what i was going for, but the lentil sausage had the consistency of what happens when you eat too many sunchokes in a day. so i just made poo-shaped lentil sausage logs, and they were really good.
lentil breakfast sausage: {mix together} ground cooked lentils + almond flour + white flour + eggs + salt + pepper + allspice + nutmeg + sage + thyme + brown sugar + cayenne. form poo shapes, cook in olive oil. 


ramen cupcakes...

happened by mistake,
after the ramen gnocchi recipe in lucky peach [issue 1]
ruined my blender.
*shakes fist in the direction of the east village*
the ramen gnocchi recipe involves cooking the noodles in milk,
and then blendering them all up with egg yolks to form a pasty
substance that can be piped into gnocchi shapes.
{then the gnocchi shapes are boiled and sauteed in butter 
and tossed with herbies}
one batch came out, and of course it was good, 
it was ramen in butter:
but so when my pretty green blender threw in the towel
{mid-blend of batch number two}
in to the cupcake tins they went, along with the remaining herbs.
the result was quiche-like,
something like a quiche that yr gramma would serve at a ladies' luncheon. 
but with a hint of what your stoned roommate is eating.
i don't really know if i would recommend trying this at home.
it's really... not worth it. except for if you want amusing reactions from the people in the twitters when you tweet: ramen cupcakes.