contrary to what i believed this time last week, there are more than zero reasons to go to yonkers:

1. you get to ride the choo choo, and within a half hour of leaving grand central station, you can be in a cute little riverside town with bridges and a main street and a... 
2. seafood restaurant that is also a secret korean restaurant (!!!!)*. if you go there and disregard the seafood menu and smile and ask the owner for korean food, she will make you amazing korean food with black garlic and homemade kimchi. and she may even pour you a little cup of mushroom tea. everything about it is delicious and sweet.
3. line c3 might be there at a really awesome studio playing percussion music until the wee hours of the morning. and it is fine because you are fueled on thin mints and hot cross buns and yes, that korean food.

*ok, after further research, it doesn't look that secret, so here it is.

so if you're looking for a quick and easy little adventure out of the city {and your private jet is in the shop...} yonkers, i'd say, is a fun option!


outside amsterdam

in about the time it would take to bike from harlem to park slope, rob and i biked from amsterdam to a little windmill village, zaanse schans. what a cute little place! like the real life version of it's a small world, only better because zaanse schans has a windmill that makes mustard. {see the excitement in the fourth photo?} immediately when i saw it my dream to have a backyard chicken coop and tree house transformed into a dream to have a backyard mustard windmill. who needs anything else when you have a mustard windmill. 
such magic.
rob and i really couldn't get enough of the whole countryside thing, so a few days later we took a little tour to edam-volendam and ate pancakes by the water and learned how wooden shoes are made. what do you think the chances are of wooden shoes becoming super trendy? should we make it happen?


the english countryside, as it turns out, is exactly what the pictures in my pediatrician's office, never let me go, and my imagination cracked it up to be. perhaps my predetermined love for the place is much like how some obsess over paris or their cats. 
when the possibility of visiting sam's home in the english countryside arose, i begged begged begggged him to make it happen. so part way through my london stay, we armed ourselves with cornish pasties and lion bars and then took a choo choo an hour south of london to lewes, sussex. 
it really was more than i imagined: a perfect little high street with perfect little shops. a cozy pub with local beer and quirky games. a river. a castle. windy roads and steep hills. colorful doors. a former house of thomas paine. a bookshop from the 15th century
it was a storybook. {really all it needed was heath ledger as william thatcher riding through on a horse.}

you may call me lily briscoe

 montauk, montauk, montauk, montauk,
each in a different accent, never wanting to stop, someone kindly have it cease. eventually a battle of chicago versus long island broke out, but then of course as the choo choo passed easthampton, mohntawk trumped maantaak. it reminded me of all of the campers and certain family members and it made me miss my nasal a.
there is something very sad about those few moments after all of the fall leaves have fallen and before the holiday season has begun. but we beat them with bike rides, croissants, and decreasing the saturation on our photos so that bland looks like it was meant. and leaf crunching! oh, yes, and of course visiting the lighthouse... i'd like to hop in my delorean and meet a lighthouse keeper and ask him what he likes to cook and if he ever gets lonesome. it seems like a lonesome job.
oh, by the way, can you play the piano and open clams?