-i've been craving zoog disney and a handi-snack.
-my meringue making skills have been elementary and embarrassing. it appears a successful/articulate enough meringue-for-dummies recipe is impossible and i think i should hire a personal meringue tutor. anybody?
-eggboy has decided that if he ever makes an oscar-nominated movie, employing the pope for his buzz race campaign would yield success.
-we've been really enjoying this lentil soup with sausage, chard, and garlic with kale instead of chard though because i haven't yet invited a chard into my home.
-our tea bar has been growing growing, mainly with oolong and chamomile from the lovely blue lady tea shop.
-peanut butter goes in errrrything. and i've been rather curious about trying pb2... {so that i can eat an entire batch of peanut butter blondies and feel less barfy?}
-i've been testing recipes for the new music bake sale!
-my subway rides have been making me want to move to a driving town where the only bad smells during my commute will be produced by me and the only weirdees yelling weird things during my commute will happen through the radio.
-can we skip purim and go straight to passover?
-on weekends i go to costco, at night i clean the kitchen: i am old people. and i'm kind of enjoying it. 



lately my apartment has a little tea bar,
i've been having lots of cake,
i simply cannot get enough of these sheepdogs,
and i've been preparing for valentine's day by way of only using pink and red vintage pyrex bowls.

lately i've been craving a snow day {so that eggboy and i may go sledding and drink hot cocoa but probably minus the sledding part because i don't actually like the cold},
and i've quite been enjoying people watching round lincoln center during the fashion week festivities.

i've been debating whether to buy postal service tickets, whether to apply to birthright {again}, and what kind of pizza i should have tonight.

lately i've been loving puzzle & natti & lucius. and have been missing 2gether.

i think i'll need an umbrella today.

happy friday!



there are way too many leftover menorah candles in my heroes of the torah cup for any good hanukkah-practicing half-jewish brisket-eating human to not be embarrassed about.

my diet consists of cheese, bread, and anything with colorful jimmies. like the sprinkle cookies i made yesterday, like the milk bar cake balls that rob delivered me.

the morning lends no time for a percolator: but why do you need one when you can just dump a cup or so of instant grounds into lukewarm water and be bouncy for 20 entire hours?

the floor of my room cannot be seen under the layers of clothing that are scattered {artfully} across it. 

exercise is acquired by running to the timpani, and then to the xylophone, and then back again. squats to play the darbuka, curls for the tambourine.

there are two songs that saturate my head on repeat: aaron roche's "trash," and san fermin's "methuselah."

it may be time for me to fly home.