ok hi, hi!!! i'm back from a stupendous long weekend home of little lunches around my favorite suburban restaurants, george gershwin being camera shy, finally finding a dress for stoop's wedding, and stoop obviously getting drunk at brunch.

oh and then johnswik, my future brother-in-law, rolled in to sing: when i say afi, you say komen. it only took (formerly little, now really tall) jake about two hours to find it. i think he won a high five?

being home was just so much awesome stillness, like sitting on the couch and watching girls and spending five hours in the spice shop with mum smelling every single spice thrice and painting my nails purple and watching melissa down a robicelli's cupcake on the television with katie and jaclyn while we drank cider. nothing i'd ever be able to do in new york without feeling guilty for not being at this album release show or that new opera or catching up on my new yorker. 

and so now i'm back and pondering my existence as a half-way to new yorker brooklynite and mostly i just want to be eating kale in the kitchen with mum as she brushes gracie's teeth. oy vay. 


cheering up the neighborhood

holy buckets, i am lucky.

my entire neighborhood survived sandy with just a few fallen trees and leaves. no power outages, no flooding. everybody is safe. 

stoop's flight has been delayed a million thousand times, which means more culinary creations for me. additionally, her and i are now gilmore girls scholars.

yesterday we ventured out to survey the damage and support local restaurants. we also took our customary two stoops on a stoop photo, only all of the stoops were wet so it was actually a two stoops on the van leeuwen bench photo.


two stoops in a hurricane

stoop is obviously trapped here for an indefinite amount of time.

so in true stoop fashion we've thrown a curry party, a pumpkin/speculoos cookie party, a frittata party, and are now planning a dumpling party. everyone was invited but no one can get here, so it's just us, our respective plaid-wearing boyz, and roommate megan who is also wearing plaid. more dumplings for us, this militia household is not going to starve.

prior to the world ending though, we had such a lovely romp around the neighborhood! pretzel dumplings at talde, bougey greek yogurt at culture, bacon + maple syrup + smoked mozzarella + pecan pizza at brooklyn central. and the future mr. stoop got a black eye! what a man.

ok stoop's phyllo lesson is about to start.