midsummer manifesto

cat call to your daddy
sip beer from a straw
order whatever you want to bring us
wait hours for a hot dog that is topped with foie gras
stick your finger in your nose
the finger with the brand new rock on it*
eat seconds and thirds of the grilled pineapple
read the book you think makes you look sophisticated
leave the concert early to watch five episodes of girls
sneak into the jelly fish exhibit 
remove your elbows from the table
apply hot pink lipgloss
embrace grayscale
f punctuation in the a

*stoop got engaged

chicago summer::::that is a wrap

removing magnetic poetry from my fridge, bite me.

slash: things i'd rather be doing right now.
 eating strawberry rhubarb pie in a field with rob.
 preparing little cheese plates for my friends.
 playing marimbas in the woods with mike.
 engaging in friday night pizza night, by way of grandaisy.
 dancing until dawn in a tent on a farm.
 being, just, way too cool.
 getting a birdie flock tattoo.
 making self timer pictures on the williamsburg bridge with jason while he wears grandpa shorts.
instead i am taking a huevo torta//#whatshouldwecallme conservatory break from packing my entire apartment. packing is the worst. i'd rather eat a banana. mark my word, i'm never moving again unless it involves telepathically transporting my cotton candy machine, multiple fondue pots, and antique pyrex collection. and girl, i haven't even started on the mustards. the horror. luckily the radical face internet radio station is delivering exactly what i want. 
unluckily, i think it's time to carry on packing.

yankees vs. tigers

a tiger in a sea of yankees.
rob + hye jin
me + creepyman
the real reason we go to baseball games.
amiright that one of the greatest culinary delights in this country
is a hot dog at a baseball game?
i look forward to this course every year.
and where else can you have a hot dog with a side of another hot dog
and nachos and an entire bag of cracker jacks accompanying six beers?
nevermind almost barfing during the seventh inning stretch.

these days

it is warm enough for outside pizza nights.
a new dinner table, which was christened with yummies from kashkaval, 
makes me smile so hard that i think my face will fall off.
i have been enjoying ramps, salmon rillettes, and serial music with this human.
grom is the best medication for my poor sore throat.
...an almond cookie candle, edith piaf, and the occasional bit of poetry plopped in my inbox 
make the world go round.