1. can we all take a moment to look at this menu and brainstorm how in the world anyone could have come up with it without being under some sort of influence?
2. center: fries with butter and soy sauce.
a. is this a joke?
b. why didn't anyone come up with this sooner?
c. three weeks of my life were just removed but it was worth it.
3. unlimited wasabi mayo, honey mustard, little pickles, and lotsa other stuff. the thing is, nothing really needed additional condiments because it was all so good on its own. however, wasabi fries dipped in wasabi mayo are a ball!
4. the hot dog i had was the terimayo {teriyaki + mayo + seaweed + onions, pictured at the top of this post}. it was amazing. the bun was thick and doughy, and the dog was big and juicy. i wanted to try all of the different ones that my friends got, but i was unwilling to trade a bite of mine... so i will just have to go back a million gazillion more times.

everybody, go here.
it is a little difficult to say this as a chicagoan, 
but i think japadog is the best hot dog place in the world.



first of all, f.m.l.

here is a pizza at great lake.
the thought of waving down a server to ask
for a paper napkin to blot the absurd amount of grease
gave me anxiety. however the cheese and tomato sauce were
delicious!! but was the two hour wait and that awkward
moment of realizing that it is b.y.o.b. after being seated
better than sitting in my jammies and telephoning lou mal's?
probably not.
better than keste?
i don't think so.
a sit with stoop's doggie, audrey.
a boozy lunch at longman & eagle.
another lunch at urban belly.
{short rib fried rice,
piggy cilantro potstickers,
the best edamame i ever had...}

happy 2012, everyone!
i am back in new york. these photos are from my last
few days in chicago, spent in the city, crashing at
stoopie's. and getting fat!


a proper good first weekend home

or: the yummiest camp food detox ever
berries! berries of all sorts, large and small, frozen and smashed, locally grown and flown from far farrrr away. watermelon, yogurt, smoothies galore. a whole wheat pizza night with pineapple and zucchini courgette! hold the cheese. from scratch: black bean hummus, sesame noodles, zingerman's carrot top, whole wheat sourdough, a plan for cornmeal pancakes {but maybe next weekend!} caramelized onion + chive jam. apples, tangerines, apples, tangerines. brown rice sushi, baked oatmeal. a bit of arugula and some cheese at edi & the wolf... and a nice warm cup of red velvet tea. get it while it's hot. 

oh and that hot dog. is not a hot dog. it is a suicide dog from the meathook stand at smorgasburg. "it's all the leftover meat from this week, made into a sausage!" says mike. and there was more flavor in one bite of that than in all of the food that i ate this summer combined. {welcome home, me!}

also: some quality hours spent by the river with the molly mobile, and the {just about} end to a week-long cleaning + organizing session of my little apartment. phew!


2day, so far

waking up to my new favorite smell, filling up the house: tomato bread
homemade butter, homemade curry mustard, the perfect hole-in-the-middle... tell me why we eat out again?
stop being so shy, george.
perfect, gracie, just perfect!
and now... a wedding. of heather & the heir to one of the world's best mustard companies