my ginger curry milkshake brings all of the manhattanites to the nethermead.

 i was a big gay girl at googa mooga yesterday and it was a total blast!!
do you think becoming a career milkshake wench would be a good use of my music degree?
 what was the opposite of a blast was emerging from the tent after my shift in need of 
some proper protein and seeing nothing but lines. oy vay!
 maria saved my life with a little porchetta sandwich and a blue ribbon chicken wing. and then i indulged in a mini coconut popsicle before booking it to the greenmarket for some cider and snackees so that i wouldn't fall over on the twelve mile bike ride home.
but, like, i don't know what i was expecting. crowds like this...
make me want to assume the fetal position, cover my ears and eyes, and click my red shoes, wishing to be back in bed again. it was like one of those nightmares where you're chasing the big man made of mac and cheese and you want to eat him but he's juusssttt out of reach. 
so close yet so far. so starving. it's pancake time.

the day i overdosed on food.

if i made a list of everything that i ate today, you would be shocked. i would be grossed out. the world would explode.
so take cover because i'm going to do just that...
the following was eaten between the hours of noon and 5pm today, at the new york city wine and food festival: 
a tongue slider, a bacon cheeseburger, tater tots filled with bacon, a bacon egg roll, vanilla ice cream with wasabi dust, a sprinkle cookie, two ham and cheese crepes, a lamb sandwich, a lamb taco, a korean taco, another taco, bone marrow and oxtail marmalade on brioche, vanilla mousse, a chocolate caramel cupcake, tater salad, a super spicy kati roll, pork on rice, lamb and figs on couscous, a fluffer nutter cookie sandwich, a falafel wrap, a blondie, a mexican chocolate brownie, a peanut butter and jelly cookie sandwich, about six other unidentified sandwiches...
and to wash it all down i had egg creams, vodka, cherry vodka, wine, smart water, and milk shakes. 
stuffed is an understatement. 
pop my belly with that tooth pick of yours and watch midtown get rained on by tacos.
it was disneyland. 
disneyland times trader joe's plus the barney's warehouse sale divided by kenmare's new york times rating. 
disneyland with booze and pat lafrieda things...
populated by andrew zimmern, ming tsai, an anderson twin, chef spike, jeffrey chodorow,
the super hunk that is tyler florence...
schnitzel friends, the midtown lunch man...
and the most wonderful girl behind this amazing blog {all the way from miami!!}
so. don't mind me, i'll be at the salad bar for the next month... 
but it's ok because it was worth every stretch mark!