outside amsterdam

in about the time it would take to bike from harlem to park slope, rob and i biked from amsterdam to a little windmill village, zaanse schans. what a cute little place! like the real life version of it's a small world, only better because zaanse schans has a windmill that makes mustard. {see the excitement in the fourth photo?} immediately when i saw it my dream to have a backyard chicken coop and tree house transformed into a dream to have a backyard mustard windmill. who needs anything else when you have a mustard windmill. 
such magic.
rob and i really couldn't get enough of the whole countryside thing, so a few days later we took a little tour to edam-volendam and ate pancakes by the water and learned how wooden shoes are made. what do you think the chances are of wooden shoes becoming super trendy? should we make it happen?


if amsterdam were a person, i think perhaps she would be that very pretty, well-dressed human who is nice to just about everyone. who is easy to talk to, enjoys throwing gatherings, and probably has a family farm in connecticut that dates back many generations {but you're really not quite sure}. sometimes you wish she'd tell you what she really thought or say the f word. other times you are so very grateful for the quaintness of her company. 
food in amsterdam i ate and loved.
fries at vleminckx
herring sandwich at rob wigboldis vishandel
krokets at febo
pâté + cherry beer at die zotte
ice cream at ijscuypje
bitterballen at café de engelbewaarder
everything at café de koe
gevulde koeken {almond paste cookies!!} everywhere



the thing with spending just shy of five hours in a country is that your tolerance for embarrassment is a bit on the high side. as in, who cares if you fancy eating an eccles cake in the style of a monster? you're leaving the country soon! which is exactly what i did at the brussels train station in waiting for my train to amsterdam. i covered myself in eccles cake crumbs before practicing bench top food styling, took a lot of pictures of my new shoes, made friends with the male nurse who was returning home to rotterdam from a weekend spent swimming in salt water pools with his girlfriend who studies science in brussels... also at one point i gazed into the eyes of one liege waffle that sat in the vending machine wanting so badly for me to eat it. molly, you must eat a belgian waffle in belgium, you must. alas, homegirl only had pounds and no euros.