winter farm scenes

but what happens on the farm in the winter?? is a question i get a lot, and a question i still kind of have when eggboy spends the whole morning at our kitchen table looking at a lot of numbers and symbols and government-y looking forms, drinking all of the coffee and eating the whole batch of caramel rolls that farmer chad and anna delivered.

i talked a bit about this during my modern farmer takeover this weekend, but i'm gonna expand on everything now!

1. we can fly places! like hawaii. and next month, berlin. the winter is a farmer's summer, so around now is when we're able to plan in advance and get away for more than a couple of days. in the summer, there are quieter times when eggboy is able to leave for a few days at a time, but it's impossible to tell more than a week or two in advance, so all of our little adventures in the summer are to places like fargo or bemidji, that we can plan last minute and then get to in our buick boat.

2. taxes. ok i'm not sure if this is eggboy just getting *really* excited about paperwork and numbers like the weirdo that he is, or if this is a normal farmer thing, (or maybe a general business owner thing?), but he spends tons of time on paperwork and hanging out with his accountant. paperwork literally takes up about half of his work hours.

3. equipment maintenance. over the farming season, if a tractor breaks down, there may not be time for a full on repair, so eggboy or eggpop will fix it just enough so that it will work through the season, and then over the winter they can give it the full attention it needs. all of the tractors need oil changes, bubble baths, and software updates so that they can be good as new for spring planting.

4. school! there are a lot of farmer workshops in the winter, about technology, soils, marketing, and so much more. you can tell you're at a farming workshop when the parking lot is full of pickup trucks that are twice as tall as you. (and then there's eggboy in his buick boat that he refuses to get rid of.)

5. grain gets hauled to the mill and then turned into flour. unlike sugar beets, which need to go to the processing plant as soon as they're picked, grain gets stored on our farm and brought to the town mill at various times throughout the winter, depending on the markets.

6. eggboy plays trombone. every day! and comes to the gym with me almost every day too. we're getting ripped! 

7. eggboy sleeps in. just kidding, he wakes up at 6:30 every morning no matter what. tofu the rooster does too. 

8. macaroni slow down their egg laying. there were a few months this winter when we were only getting one or two eggs every other day :( luckily now since there is a teensy bit more sunlight, we're now up to three or four a day and i can have my new favorite breakfast, a ketchup and macaroni egg taco. 😁 

9. sven cat and ole cat continue to be sven cat and ole cat. they cuddle, roam, hang out on the tractors, receive belly rubs, do general cat things as if it were any other time of the year. 


last photo by chantell quernemoen


spring crept in the door this weekend! it shouted, in its cute high-pitched elmo-like voice, "wear a colorful dress! eat colorful food!" and so dress i wore and kale i ate and merry we were, as roomie patrick entertained his guests on easter for one of those brunch parties that starts at 2 in the afternoon. (i am convinced that all of patrick's friends qualify to be guest characters on girls. you know, the attractive, smart, pop culture savvy type that have 10,000 twitter followers and poetry degrees.)

also this weekend i broke my kosher for passover run to eat hot cross buns x two: one from bklyn larder on a little lunch date with eggboy, and one (ok three) that chris made from scratch. after bklyn larder, eggboy got a little bit blue about not being with his family for easter, so i rerouted us to fleisher's, where we acquired beginner's steak and beginner's lamb (neither of us have cooked either of those before) for a special eggboyeaster dinner! i think the steak had about 10 minutes too many, but i'd rather feed eggboy overcooked steak than undercooked. 

we rounded off the weekend with 90s movies, the kind that show you what life was like in the suburbs when scrunchies were in style and pixar wasn't yet that cool. i rather miss those days... 



march is not a real month until shamrock shakes have been achieved. {once mum and i demonstrated this with a bunch of selfies taken in the parking lot of an illinois mcdonald's.} so when eggboy asked "what is a shamrock shake?" i got all startled because i really just don't think it's ok to not have ever had a shamrock shake. i was also confused because he has all these fond memories of going to mcdonald's when he was little... but i do remember hearing somewhere that not all mcdonald's sell shamrock shakes. which is so dumb. anyway, this morning we walked in the rain to three stores before we found just the right ice cream {soy ice cream sweetened with fruit because eggboy fears processed sugar} and then while he strum strum strummed away at his guitar, i ferociously recalled the chapter in my photography book on not sucking at taking pictures of ice cream. and the shakes were wonderful! eggboy-friendly {free of dairy and tons of processed sugar} and human-friendly {no icky artificial mint or green coloring} and they are like a splagillion times better than the ones from mcdonald's. i'm not just saying that-- the fresh mint is completely something else.

so go blend up milk, ice cream, and mint, and have yourself a very merry st. patrick's day.



in the weekend, we pretended it was spring when we ran around the park and then over to the greenmarket.
we avoided the internet for a full 24 hours and regained our imaginations.
there was kale and bacon pop-tart baking, pottery painting, and plenty of strolls through town. 
i acquired lots of jars which marked the beginning of a grain library and a pickle hobby.
eggboy sang eggman and the next morning featured andy griffith and barney fife.
add one embarrassing game of scrabble where i picked all of the x's and eggboy all of the e's, some civil wars, and tea with the queen
and yes, i'd say it was really quite a lovely few days.