recipe: black sesame cupcakes

idk what you were drinking doing saturday night but this girl was recovering from a night of quarter tones and xylophones via midnight improvised black sesame cupcakes. it's what happens when you get out of rehearsal in soho and it's already past your bed time and the 19-year-old in you asks the 23-year-old in you if you should hightail it to the party in the heights but because a 62-year-old chinese jewish grandma comprises most of you these days {and bc everyone else in the band tells you that you're too old for these partying shenanigans}, you go home and soften some butter.

anyways, i love black sesame to the point where it baffles me why everyone in america doesn't. it is nutty and smokey kinda and so... couthly sophisticated. black sesame goodies are never too sweet, just badass.

black sesame cupcakes.
this recipe is a work in progress. the cake turned out deliciously, but i could see the future version of myself deciding to add more sesame seeds. the frosting was a learning experience... i think for now i'll just recommend using a basic buttercream frosting recipe minus some of the vanilla, and adding a couple tablespoons of ground black sesames.

1 stick butter, softened
3/4 c white sugar
2 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1 1/4 c all-purpose flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1 tb cocoa powder
3 tb black sesame seeds, ground in a spice grinder
2/3 c milk

preheat oven to 350.

cream butter and sugar. add eggs. stir in vanilla.

in a separate bowl, combine all dry ingredients. add to the butter mixture. stir in milk.

bake in muffin tins. if making mini cupcakes, bake for about 10-12 minutes. if large cupcakes, bake for 18-24 minutes. 

cool, frost, sprinkle with a few more sesames, and spread the good word of black sesame things.


summertime, commence

the mustards are packed {most of them at least},
the city is far behind,
 johnswik is in the backyard, reading his comics,
george gershwin has a sexy summertime do, 
in which he flaunts his dainty legs,
 and stoopie finally gave me a good smile!
 she also welcomed me home with lemon curd stoopie cakes. yum!
hello audrey,
hello sun,
hello bonfires and tomatoes and late night swims,
hello the summer to end all summers!!!

ramen cupcakes...

happened by mistake,
after the ramen gnocchi recipe in lucky peach [issue 1]
ruined my blender.
*shakes fist in the direction of the east village*
the ramen gnocchi recipe involves cooking the noodles in milk,
and then blendering them all up with egg yolks to form a pasty
substance that can be piped into gnocchi shapes.
{then the gnocchi shapes are boiled and sauteed in butter 
and tossed with herbies}
one batch came out, and of course it was good, 
it was ramen in butter:
but so when my pretty green blender threw in the towel
{mid-blend of batch number two}
in to the cupcake tins they went, along with the remaining herbs.
the result was quiche-like,
something like a quiche that yr gramma would serve at a ladies' luncheon. 
but with a hint of what your stoned roommate is eating.
i don't really know if i would recommend trying this at home.
it's really... not worth it. except for if you want amusing reactions from the people in the twitters when you tweet: ramen cupcakes.


survival, day one

what i am eating this hurricane weekend is entirely homemade,
unless you count an end-of-the-world journey to korea town at around 4 in the saturday morning. 
{thighs + me @ kunjip, eating what could have been our last meal ever}
because when the subways are shut down, and it is simply too windy and unsafe to ride the molly mobile, why not stay inside all weekend and make shit?
for breakfast day one, i made two little breakfast sandwiches:
herby ricotta + cherry/bluebee/strawbee jam + rosemary
a slow poached farm egg + garlic butter
whole wheat english muffins
english muffins are such a sad situation because i feel like for most people, the extent of their english muffin knowledge comes from those thomas' thingies. but if as much care was put into them as any other of their breakfast bread brethren, like say the bagel, english muffins could shine, too. sarabeth's and m. wells make yummy house-made ones, but nowhere can you sit by the stove waiting for a hot and doughy one to flip off the pan {save for your own kitchen}. these set the cooking standard extremely high for hurricane weekend. 
cherry/bluebee/strawbee jam{in a saucepan, simmerin} cherries + bluebees + strawbees + water + salt --> 1/2 cup sugar --> 1/2 cup sugar + lemon juice 
herby ricotta: heat whole milk + heavy cream to 180 degrees, add lemon juice, strain. add herbies.
slow poached farm egg: go to the market, get an egg, put it in 145 degree water for an hour. using your engineering skillz, don't let it touch the bottom of the pan.
garlic butter: shake up heavy cream until it separates, wash it, add crushed garlic.
english muffins: use alton brown's recipe and substitute 1/2 cup of all purpose flour for whole wheat flour. and don't fret if you don't have powdered milk, i substituted that and the hot water for 1 cup of hot milk.
 for a snackee, some dippy things were in order:
mustard lentil dip
chili mango jam
these were both inspired by trader joe's things. the lentil dip is because i wanted to make tj's masala lentil dip. but i don't have masala spices... and i do have mustard, you know. even though it's barf colored, it tastes reeeeally really good. and it is healthyful.
the chili mango jam was inspired by tj's chili spiced mangos, which are what i tell the friendly cashier to leave out of the shopping bag so that i can have a commute munchie {but actually on friday i didn't even get to the cashier before opening them because of the apocalyptic checkout line of people buying 100 jars of peanut butter}. both the jam and dip are good on crackers or muffins or... with a spoon, sitting on the couch, in your underpants. 
mustard lentil dip: lentils + water + tahini + honey & whiskey mustard + garlic dijon mustard + lemon juice + sugar + salt + pepper + cayenne + paprika + garlic --> blend {you can probably use any mustards... i recommend having one of them be dijon}
chili mango: {in a saucepan, simmerin} mango + water + salt --> sugar + cayenne + paprika --> more sugar + cayenne + paprika --> lemon juice --> blend
and for the dessert to my snackee {i hope that a lot of people do that}:
lemon rosemary cupcakes
i sort of donked these. they were an attempt at cupcaking this delicious lemon loaf that my mum makes {that, you would never know it, but is from one of those healthfood whatever cookbooks weight watchers extravaganza things}. but either i kept them in the oven too long, or the recipe is just not meant to be cupcaked... and they are all dry and sad pandas now. but, hey! isn't that plate pretty? i made it at camp.
dinner day one was, are you ready for this? 
homemade ramen! 
{hello, poached egg-u!}
lucky peach [issue 1] has a recipe for alkaline noodles where the first step is baking baking soda for an hour and then mixing a ton of it with flour and water. and what baking soda becomes after it's been baked is totally bizarre, make my mouth feel like i'm glad my roommate put that poison control hotline sticker on the fridge. i'm thinking maybe the amount in the recipe was wrong, or i'm just an alkaline noodle newbie. oh well. the texture was super great though. and they were placed in a soy saucey broth with squash and beet greens... and for garnish i added some of the really yummy seaweed that my korean ex-roomie left behind, chopped up jalapenos, and a slow poached 140ish degree egg. and the egg had a sriracha face. face!

anyways. i have officially slept through and survived the premature irene, my first hurricane. but all of my sunday plans are going to remain cancelled so that i can continue hurricane weekend food-making fest. stay tuned for survival, day two...