little goat diner

a booth to nestle my bum after an hour waiting at bread,

a wait spent nursing a goat milk latte topped with goat caramel and other goat-y things {good if you like that sort of thing, heavy if black coffee is your jam},

noshes of an apricot masala scone, bloody mary bread, and fresh goat-y bagels.

ane brun on the radio, cute aprons, natural light i could ingest for hours.

a thick scallion pancake topped with pork belly and oodles of veggies in ginger maple dressing {a dish i'll try to recreate soon and a dish that left me no choice but to overstuff my belly and dream about it for days to come},

the banh mi that didn't, conversation that did, a millenium park post-meal ice skating romp, and  another day in chicago nailed like a nail gun going into a cardboard box. whatever that means.

little goat diner was fun. if you have talented conversationalists to muscle out the wait with and/or can pounce on some bar stools in the little goat bread shop next door during that wait, i'd recommend it.


midsummer manifesto

cat call to your daddy
sip beer from a straw
order whatever you want to bring us
wait hours for a hot dog that is topped with foie gras
stick your finger in your nose
the finger with the brand new rock on it*
eat seconds and thirds of the grilled pineapple
read the book you think makes you look sophisticated
leave the concert early to watch five episodes of girls
sneak into the jelly fish exhibit 
remove your elbows from the table
apply hot pink lipgloss
embrace grayscale
f punctuation in the a

*stoop got engaged

chicago summer::::that is a wrap

a good apple

{the midwest young artists annual gala}
daddy, teresa, stoop, me, johnswik
photo credit: my six-year-old sister. look at that. annie leibovitz, watch out.
stoop does her hairs.
a heavily processed potential for a holiday photo/why daddy should take raw pictures
stoop and johnswik get pouty! 
i creep in stoop's room.
daddy get's an award!
dr. niles crane, ladies and germs!
midwest young artists is one big big reason why i play music. i grew up in the mya orchestra and percussion ensemble, and i can't imagine a better way to have spent my saturdays throughout junior high and high school than rehearsing with these ensembles. performing beethoven 9 in orchestra hall, competing in fischoff nearly every year, forming some of my closest friendships, and developing a deep affection for domino's pizza are just a few of the awesome things that became of my time in mya. 
on saturday morning, i tagged along with my dad to rehearsal and filled in for the three missing percussionists. and it was by far one of the highlights of my week. more of a highlight than meeting niles crane from frasier {no offense, david}. playing in that beautiful sunny room in the old jail building with dr. d as the conductor, daddy as soloist... 
i couldn't shake that feeling of oh, yes, this is why i love playing so much. 
that night, we got all fancy schmancy and sipped cocktails and ate devils on horseback and bid in a live auction and enjoyed shostakovich. pops got an award and it was ever so sweet!
it was the loveliest of times, it was one of my favorite of times.

home {again}

for the second weekend in a row, i flew home. 
and it was bliss.
bliss because i got to see my dad accept an award for his work with my old youth orchestra,
bliss because, as much as i love my life in new york, every day i think about how much better it would be if i could see my family without having to get on a plane.
every weekend i could do exactly what i did this weekend...
i could have lazy mornings in the kitchen reading cookbooks while mum makes crepes,
we could make chocolate rugelach whenever we please,
pops and i could take zumba classes {and i would die watching him}.
stoop and i could curl our hairs while we sip mimosas,
and i'd sit with mia while she practiced the piano.
{this weekend. oh it was perfect.}