secret pie

eggboy doesn't know it yet, but as soon as i post this, i'm gifting him this pumpkin pie that i baked in secret last night.

i've never really made a pie before. i've watched mum do it, i've watched stoop do it, i think i've watched the television do it, but i've never embarked on the magical pie journey that people make a big deal about. and when eggboy told me he'd be spending thanksgiving in the city and not in a kitchen making pie all day, i got real confused and nervous that he wouldn't have a homemade pie. so i made one.

and look how ugly it is!

i obviously need to work on this. {i used this crust and this filling, which were both tasty raw at least. it's my clumsy dough-shaping skills that caused the most trouble.}

but it gets ugly in your tummy anyways, so here, eggboy, here's your pie!

i am off to florida for the holiday...
happy thanksgiving!!!
enjoy your stuffings and families!!!



shameless loves, by eggboy

things that nick loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

eating the same breakfast every day for three years.
 becoming gluten-free.
 eating a different same breakfast every day for three years.
 eating breakfast for breakfast and lunch and dinner all in the same day.
 going out of my way to find an appropriate use for a semi-colon.
 casio watches, most especially those with the functionality of an abacus.
 twitter strategy sessions.

thank you, nick!
and a very happy no shame november to you!


second guesses and summer dresses

a politic-free tuesday list 

when, as if i suddenly just became my mother, pumpkin scones appeared on the brunch table at the too-early hour of sunday before noon.

after a night of sipping away sandy and eating midnight chicken buns with rob over conversations of chemistry and the future,

and meeting the human behind one of my most favorite blogs, meg. 


the smell that is happening in my kitchen right now, as onions and sauerkraut cook down for pierogies. {that when i google "what is the plural form of..." the first guess that comes up is "moose."}

and the other dumplings that i'm working on for the violet's winter issue!

and the live dumpling-making soundtrack that is going on in my living room right now.


the i-woke-up-at-4am bagel topped with the generic brand nutella that has crunchy bits of nougat mixed in. 


crisp morning runs.


celebrating the life of elliott carter: remembering the absolutely enjoyable hours spent on his improvisation for solo timpani that got my butt into college, sitting in a box seat when i was five to see my dad play his clarinet concerto, recognizing that, yes, elliott carter spent his 103 years right. rest in piece.



a lobster roll,
a bánh mì truck,
a scotch egg/potsticker lovechild.
a guitar,
a song,
my wildest dreams in pocky. 
dollhouse playing,
secret telling,
cocktails lit on fire.
the kyle,
the micah,
the zaftigs monte cristo.
in one of my favorite places of all,
with some of my favorite people of all,
in boston, we had a ball!