a proper good first weekend home

or: the yummiest camp food detox ever
berries! berries of all sorts, large and small, frozen and smashed, locally grown and flown from far farrrr away. watermelon, yogurt, smoothies galore. a whole wheat pizza night with pineapple and zucchini courgette! hold the cheese. from scratch: black bean hummus, sesame noodles, zingerman's carrot top, whole wheat sourdough, a plan for cornmeal pancakes {but maybe next weekend!} caramelized onion + chive jam. apples, tangerines, apples, tangerines. brown rice sushi, baked oatmeal. a bit of arugula and some cheese at edi & the wolf... and a nice warm cup of red velvet tea. get it while it's hot. 

oh and that hot dog. is not a hot dog. it is a suicide dog from the meathook stand at smorgasburg. "it's all the leftover meat from this week, made into a sausage!" says mike. and there was more flavor in one bite of that than in all of the food that i ate this summer combined. {welcome home, me!}

also: some quality hours spent by the river with the molly mobile, and the {just about} end to a week-long cleaning + organizing session of my little apartment. phew!


is there anything better than a bosco stick.

 there should be a website that is http://www.isthereanythingbetterthanaboscostick.com
and all it would say when you click on it would be:
two bosco sticks
or something else of the awesome equivalent to a pair of bosco sticks,
because it is a fact that bosco sticks are better than mortal life.
in youth times, my everyday school lunch consisted of
bosco sticks + a naked juice 
{green machine or mighty mango... it evened out the unhealthyful qualities of breadsticks with cheese in the middle}
...and i hadn't had a single bosco stick since high school...
 until a few nights ago, when the stars alined and i happened to be in canteen when they were the evening special. ohhh, was that moment transcendent... reliving the memory like it was yesterday  {sitting in the titan cafeteria, bosco stick in one hand, graphing calculator in the other hand, scribbling through my calculus homework} and asking myself
why do we need vegetables when we have these? 
just want to eat bosco sticks every day of my life.

milk + cookies before taps

every time i coil a rope, i hold it up by the tail and, in my best seamus mcfly voice, i say to the wall boys, maggie i got dinner! but no one gets it. 
 this is what a typical bunk's condiment basket looks like.
 this is what my bunk's condiment basket looks like.
"eat fish + chips" is now on my to-do list
{being read to with no interruptions but bird calls}
a knot that won't come undone
hand drawn maps
holy crap apple picking season is nearing
but color war is nearer
and i have no intention of using anything besides uni-ball rollerball pens ever again


all i want for my blog's birthday is a cupcake that was nary frozen

and a levain cookie with a scoop of ice cream on top.
and a roma tomato...
napoletana pizza, 
gouda cheese,
and a quinoa salad would be nice.
maybe also a whole grain, a fresh vegetable, and a berry as well?
today my blog is two.
and in typical narcissistic blog mommy fashion,
the only thing that is on my mind is food that is not dining hall food. but since it's my blog, it's probably on my blog's mind, too. it screams,
molly, blog about good food! not crunchy bagel cream cheese shit!
i'm going crazy here, people. there's a half empty box of chips ahoy sitting in front of me. and as much as i hope and wish and dream, those cookies ain't turning into levain.
happy birthday, mister blog!