i made sliders based on my family's potsticker filling recipe because i am completely dumpling-ed out in this moment {the past few weeks my hands have formed probably hundreds of dumplings} but i somehow can't get past the delightful combination of fresh ginger and green onions all together in meaty solidarity.

the soft steamed buns provide a wonderful vehicle for these puppies, but they are also great served on a bed of sesame saucy brussels sprouts.


stream of consciousness day

to ring in my birthday, rob and maria and i engaged in stream of consciousness day: a 24-hour piece of performance art centered on doing whatever we want, when we want it. obviously there's not much planning to be done aside from taking a vacation day from work and mentally preparing yourself for the possibility that your stream of consciousness could lead you to a tattoo parlor or the lunchable aisle of the grocery store or, heaven forbid, staten island. luckily our streams didn't lead us to do any permanent damage. i was mostly looking to eat as many breakfast sandwiches as possible, maria and i got massages and our nails did, and rob went to the party store to buy those absurd clown glasses for us. we ate cake balls and nougats and... we just didn't hold back when it came to eating and drinking. the day ended with sangria and bacon cheeseburgers on the hudson as the sun set, some really strong coconut cake at good enough to eat, and belly aches that carried on into the next day. hehe, oops. 

in memoriam: m. wells

and also: reason for why i am only 99% vegetarian
last week i said hello and goodbye to my new favorite:
m. wells
{which closes today}
forever i will remember the breakfast sandwich and the spaghetti sandwich as two of the tastiest and doughiest sandwiches i ever had. ohh how i fancied their bread! english muffins, soft squishy hamburger buns, squishy squishiness everywhere. j'adore. have you ever had a spaghetti sandwich?? neither had i. essentially, it eliminates the element of feeling awkward when you use your garlic bread as a utensil for spaghetti {that is a common thing, right?}.  
oh and the breakfast sandwich! it is like a giant, puffier, more interesting sausage mcmuffin. and i say that in the best possible way because my last breakfast on earth would include a sausage mcmuffin.
other dishes included: the hamburger. a juicy, yummy one. the tortilla. with shrimpies. hmmm. the egg souffle. which was random. am-i-in-japan random. 
i was sad to see that the classic quebecois dishes they were serving when they first opened weren't on the menu. but that's ok. i guess it had kind of morphed into a superdiner where all sorts of classic diner things and international things were magnified and yummy-/homemade-ified. it was so great and i am so sad that it is gone now.
oh! and this is what it looks like to eat with three extremely awesome food bloggers. eating with brianblondie, and donny was so silly because originally i was planning on finger painting pictures of the food when i got home, but then as each dish came out and no one could touch it until everyone had positioned and photographed it, i felt weird not taking pictures. 
so i did, and there they are.
i would say you should go to m. wells now... but sadly the best you'll be able to do is just think hard enough about the best breakfast sandwich that your imagination can come up with. and maybe, possibly, it will appear. 
frank the bunny-style.  
r.i.p. m. wells!

-yeh :-(