ok let's not draw too much attention to how i just spent an entire morning drawing photoshop faces on bacon buns {but molly what is it you do during your days? he said over fried squid and pho. well when i haven't got a glockenspiel part to prepare and when i'm procrastinating that article, it's this.} but i'm well happy i got around to it because if at the new music bake sale i charged people one dollar for just asking for this recipe, i would have doubled my earnings.

it's a swell little recipe, methinks. one that i've made since i was a wee one {only for the longest time my family used roasted chickens}. i think the bacon adds a nice little bite. and with these you don't really need an external dipping sauce of sorts because it is all up in the filling already.


chicken sausage bánh mì buns

 on monday i went to the m2m and purchased a ton of those
plain frozen ready-to-be-steamed buns and for every meal
since then, i've put various things inside of them.
these buns are one of the things that reminds me of my grandparents,
because my grandma always nailed it when it came to stocking
up on steamed buns whenever a little me would visit her in california. 
 these buns take care of my everlasting craving for bánh mì
and sausage buns and steamed buns. and part of me thinks that
the comfort that they provide will reverse the abundance of grey
hairs that have lately been popping up on my head {frowny face}.

they're pretty basic to make... just put these things in a bun:
sausage {or i also had fried tofu-- very tasty!}
daikon + carrots tossed with vinegar + sugar + soy sauce
soy sauce
sesame oil
...and hot chinese mustard

omg so good.
scanwich that shit.
ima turn into a bun soon.
other things i plan to put in these buns:
ice cream
bunny rabbits
pb + j
taco things
lentil burgers