MY NAME IS ______


usually when you see someone pee on stage every day for a couple of weeks you're like

oh i'm going to remember that girl as the girl who peed on stage.

but not with

lauren worsham

. her mad singing skillz are mad enough to conquer any sort of pee-related reputation and turn it into a real awesome one. we met during 

dog days

{where she totally killed it} and this week she is performing in an 80s-style

turn of the screw



check it out everyone, i bet it is going to be tiiiight {also


is right near b.a.m. so eat garlic knots and then go see some screw}.



center: kristin hoebermann

sky-pony: esty stein


garlic knots

penicillin roqueforti


my favorite little ritual: every afternoon, whenever i want, i eat one piece of dark chocolate. it's called chocolate o'clock. i make sure i have plenty of chocolate at all times in case i have visitors during chocolate o’clock or in case if by some time/space continuum magic illusion dreaminess chocolate o’clock occurs twice in one day. which it does. often. and it's the perfect little bit of joy and caffeine to boost me out of any afternoon lull that may occur. 

lately i’ve been a sucker for mast brothers bars. their wrappers are so pretty and they often punctuate special occasions for eggboy and me: i like dropping them in his tip jars at shows, he got me the stumptown coffee one for valentine’s day, and there is no better way out of the dog house* than with a brooklyn blend in hand. {we also once spent a lovely afternoon tasting allllll of the chocolate at the mast brothers shop in williamsburg. i highly recommend doing this.}

*eggboy doesn't actually ever get placed in the dog house. or the puppy house. this is just a preemptive statement in case he ever, i don't know, forgets my three-quarters birthday. 

another favorite chocolate {for when i run low on mast brothers or if there haven't been any recent special occasions that warrant spending $8 on a bar} is trader joe’s stone ground chocolate. i loooove the grainy texture of it and the compact round shape.


MY NAME IS ________


natti vogel


s fun weird songs appeared on the


for nemo and just last week i met him in person for the first time and nearly had to put my sunglasses on because of the head-to-toe skin-tight shiny gold getup he donned {and of course his shiny personality}. natti sings songs about things like unconditional love, brown rice, and brooklyn. if you're in the city, check out his upcoming shows at


 {feb. 20} and at the

bureau of general services-queer division

{feb. 28}.





natti: ling wang, styled by samantha sleeper

justin: amos mac


bean curd

p.s. this feature is inspired by bleubird vintage's

want, need, wear, read


it is great. go look at it.


last week i shot a few stylish people on the street for brooklyn exposed in preparation for brooklyn fashion weekend which is {i think??} next week. as you may know, style does not run in my family or in my closet or anywhere in the vicinity of me because why spend money on shoes when you can spend it on matcha green tea powder and black sesame seeds? so this photo series was a bit of a challenge...