for you, wherever you are.

i hate that you were taken from us in the middle of the night, so helpless and from your own home. 
i hate whoever did this, whoever got their smelly paws all over you, who yanked you from your spot in the world.
{i want to punch that person in the nose and go all glenbrook north 2003 on them.}
you're probably under some big smelly bum right now, maybe you're on a fixie :-(
but with all of my might, i will hope that you're in bike seat heaven on a pretty mustard trek allant or a cannondale supersix. perhaps you're under a bum that has just done pilates or is genetically engineered not to fart.
oh poor molly mobile bike seat, you were so good to me and i love you and i'll miss you forever and ever.

this one's for you, molly mobile seat:
 "we get away" by nfh

faraway rockaway

slightly earlier than what one would call "just before sunrise," i sat alone in my kitchen with an iced coffee and the ann romney speech
a noise came: outside my door, in the pitch black, there was an invitation to bike to the coast. we were to leave at that very moment. 
ok. absolutely.
we biked into the day, biked biked biked, over the bridges/past the woods/towards the sun, to a beach with surfers and seagulls and the perfect spot for fruits and croissants.
32 miles and a peanut butter m & m emergency later, i emptied the sand from my shoes and dashed to work.
it was one of the more perfect mornings, i'd say.

outside amsterdam

in about the time it would take to bike from harlem to park slope, rob and i biked from amsterdam to a little windmill village, zaanse schans. what a cute little place! like the real life version of it's a small world, only better because zaanse schans has a windmill that makes mustard. {see the excitement in the fourth photo?} immediately when i saw it my dream to have a backyard chicken coop and tree house transformed into a dream to have a backyard mustard windmill. who needs anything else when you have a mustard windmill. 
such magic.
rob and i really couldn't get enough of the whole countryside thing, so a few days later we took a little tour to edam-volendam and ate pancakes by the water and learned how wooden shoes are made. what do you think the chances are of wooden shoes becoming super trendy? should we make it happen?