faraway rockaway

slightly earlier than what one would call "just before sunrise," i sat alone in my kitchen with an iced coffee and the ann romney speech
a noise came: outside my door, in the pitch black, there was an invitation to bike to the coast. we were to leave at that very moment. 
ok. absolutely.
we biked into the day, biked biked biked, over the bridges/past the woods/towards the sun, to a beach with surfers and seagulls and the perfect spot for fruits and croissants.
32 miles and a peanut butter m & m emergency later, i emptied the sand from my shoes and dashed to work.
it was one of the more perfect mornings, i'd say.


all sealed up in my most favorite jar of memories are my tanglewood summers. summers that i spent admiring everyone around me, performing concerts that brought me to tears, running round barefoot in the berkshires, and spending all of my money eating at every single restaurant in little lenox. everything was new, caution wasn't totally in my vocabulary yet. time and again, wherever i go, i find myself trying to recreate the excitement and magic of those summers. 

slowly i'm learning that i'm not going to. not in that way. and that's exactly why those memories are so special.

{when i need it, i put on the adagietto and let the breath become sucked out of me as i watch teenage versions of craig, nathan, chris, and me dance in slow motion through the field by ozawa hall. that's about as close as i get.}


my past few days were spent in the berkshires, grabbing little bits out of my jar, and being so pathetically and wonderfully nostalgic. 

i ate a loebwich, my 2007 usual, the "leslie b no sprouts." i finished it with a raspberry jam cookie, the barely baked kind that i've only ever found at loeb's.

i drank a red bull because it was my beverage of choice in 2006, when whiskey was what the higher-ups would have called a grey box violation.

talked a lot of shop. shot the shit. received goosebumps in a percussion ensemble concert.

had a slice of betty's, a berkshire bagel, a bite of soco, and a dip in the stockbridge bowl.

fell prey to hundreds of mosquitos and embraced the inability for t-mobile to work properly anywhere in the vicinity.

i didn't want to leave, no way, i wanted to stay and continue the plunge into that mountain high that makes me so happy. 

alas, i've got a berlin-bound plane to catch.



this morning i awoke from the dream that is miami in the spring time.
i was sunburnt and sandy,
a bit more chubby,
and happy as can be.
minus the sunburnt part, it was absolutely the greatest.
over the sometimes-rainy-but-usually-sunny past four days,
i spent time with some of my favorite people,
figured out my life plan,
became an expert kayaker {met a few dolphins in the process},
and took in most of my calories shortly before sunrise. bad, bad molly.
you know what it was? it was that stupid happy state that people get in when they're, like, in love-- i was as happy with my favorite people eating a prosciutto and fresh mozzarella croissant from sandwicherie in the wee hours of the morning as i was sitting in a car in traffic driving an hour to pick up two kegs of yeungling as i was watching that fantastic performance of turangal├«la.
i couldn't have asked for anything more except for my sunglasses that rob lost somewhere in the ocean. whatever! here's an embarrassing photo of him as payback:
it is officially time for detox week to begin.


played with two of my best best friends in the whole wide world 
{rob & brian}

annoyed rob & brian with a zillion million pictures...

celebrated rob's birthday!

found the perfect restaurant for week 9
{just kidding... that's not it}

saw pretty art deco

walked by the south beach wine & food festival

... saw emeril at a distance

took a pic for one of my fave blogs

made the customary trek to la sandwicherie

tried calamari for the first time
 {and sorta liked it}
at this week's new restaurant


got burnt
{darn sun!}

listened to regina spektor and lady gaga and death cab on the beach

saw dear john when it rained

went to a few awesome yoga classes

ahh how nice it was to get a bit of sun in the winter...