what i'm loving these days

florida. tomorrow. before hanging up the phone with me this morning, mum said "see you tomorrow!" that made me sooo happy. it has simply been way too long.

this trailer for dog days.

brussels sprouts. and buying them on the stalk and carrying like a baby all the way home. yesterday maria and i had them covered in parmesan at parm, tonight i'll be making them with rosemary and apples, and yesterday ashlee posted one of my favorite recipes.

mrs. meyer's clean day lavender scent. i'm noticing a pattern in all of the restaurants i love and that is that their bathrooms have mrs. meyer's lavender hand soap or room spray or a poop candle... i finally couldn't take it anymore so i, for the first time in my life, spent way too much money on hand soap and room spray. $10 for a poop candle though simply can't be justified... just don't poop in my bathroom, people.

yogurt cheese. my yogurt cheese affair began when i woke up once starving in the middle of the night. the only thing in the fridge was my roommate’s yogurt cheese. so i ate all of it. and then bought her another pack, which i am now eating all of. oops. also, it being yogurt makes it good for you, i think.

eating away sandy. this week donny bought dozens of sweets from the robicelli's, whose entire inventory was wiped out by sandy. donny obviously shared, and i got to indulge in an unreal sweet potato cupcake. 


sandy help

a guide to helping with sandy recovery from wherever you are in the world. 

listen to amazing music. the record label for some of the most unbelievable new music on the planet, new amsterdam records, had their headquarters destroyed. buy some of their albums* {like my current obsession, one of their newest releases, roomful of teeth} and/or donate to their relief fund here.

eat + cook. most of my favorite restaurants had to close during the storm, and some remain closed. on top of their lost work days, a few are having to do a ton of repair work {like mile end, their bakery and smokehouse were completely destroyed, and one girl, their dumbo store was flooded}. if you're in the city, eat out and tip well. if you're not in the city, buy cookbooks* from new york restaurants. mile end, clinton street baking company, the frankies, shopsin's, and one girl have some of my favorites, but of course there a million more.

drink. breweries and bars were also severely damaged. if you're in brooklyn, come have a drink with me on the sip away sandy bar crawl tomorrow. if you're in other sandy-affected areas, organize your own sip away sandy and remember to tip well. if you're not in a sandy-affected area, see if you can find beer from sixpoint or brooklyn breweries {sixpoint's brewery and brooklyn's new york warehouse were hit hard}. 

play music. busk or organize a concert, and do good with your earnings {perhaps send them to one of the organizations listed here here}.

*cough cough chrismukkuh gift ideas!!!

have another idea on how to help?? leave it in the comments section!!


gnarly buttons.

for my birthday getup, i doctored up this american apparel dress with
buttons that i found at my new favorite place on the east side,
tender buttons. the shop sells just about every single kind of button
that you didn't think existed. it makes me have more faith that a
mustard shop can survive. four of the buttons that i got for my dress
are from the 1950s and they illustrate "sing a song of sixpence," and
the fifth button is a gold one made in france that is pierrot lunaire!
i am so smitten with my finds. all on one dress, you'll find my loves
of pie, rhymes, princesses, birds, song, and atonal sad clown creeps!
p.s. i am not responsible for the title of this post. i wish i were
because i very much enjoy the sound of these words together.
gnarly buttons is the title of john adams' piece for clarinet and 
chamber ensemble. if you do not know it, i recommend you get to know it. 
here, james plays it. clean shaven and all.


the sideburns are real,
my belly is full,
and come on, those bathrooms are not that confusing.
a very handsome human took me to wd~50 for my birthday. {is today your birthday?! said my poor mum that was amnesia-ridden for 24 hours* no, mum, it's an early present}
*true story. don't ask unless you have a cookie.
our reservation simply happened to be within the first few days of the new tasting menu. when i discovered this my initial sad eggs benedict-less reaction was masked by how much the 12-year-old in me loves being first in line. it was so new that a few little stumbles in the wine pairing led to extra boozies for us! oh man it was boozy. ok here are my pictures:
{1} like a little cloud of flavor, i conquered this fish. it was tasty enough and the texture was fleeting enough to make a fish lover from a h8er.
{2} my third time ever eating lobster and it was a charm! also, are grapes in style?
{3} mmm. phoking good. all dark and meaty and stuff.
{4} a yoke that has been cured in salt and sugar for six hours, it thickens. it is so cool! it makes slow poached as passé as gauchos.
{5} brotha had me at mustard biscuit. light and airy solid mustard. oh em jazzle. and that meat, it was soft and buttery. oh i did love this one.
{6} the crab was actually shredded, not with a little face :-(. i just wanted to draw a little face. this toast was really yummy, it was super sweet and refreshing.
{7} a baby fried green tomato! for joy. it was nice to have that comforting accompaniment to break my sole virginity. the flavors of this one, with the black licorice, made me feel really hip and highbrow.
{8} you know what sweetbreads are, right? uhh... they're-- shut up don't say it. i didn't finish this one.
{9} perhaps this was my favorite. jam and meat are probably one of the more powerful couples, flavor-wise. and anything with spaetzle is immediately my bff.
{10} ok, things got super boozy around this time and i recall thinking this would be a crème brûlée thing and then cracking open a shell and finding ice cream and handsome man saying "cuuuuucumber."
{11} what happens when dr. dufresne mates cotton candy with ice cream. 
{12} have you ever poked your finger into what you thought would be a warm and toasty marshmallow only to find that it is in fact ice cream? i highly recommend it. i also highly recommend bringing some black currant jam on your next camping trip.
not pictured: 
~the chocolate + gjetost raspberry thing. that sour cheesy after-dinner chocolate you always wanted.
~a tour of the kitchen
~wylie dufresne said happy birthday to me!!!!!
in the kitchen with my little birthday candle 
and a chocolate minty cake!